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Video-Training Quizzes
Laboratory Safety Plan

The following quizzes are to be taken after viewing the tapes of the same titles, as part of your training.

Video Titles


General Concepts of Hazardous Materials MSWord-file
Acids and Bases MSWord-file
Solvents MSWord-file
Toxic Metals MSWord-file
Basic Laboratory Safety MSWord-file
"At your Fingertips"
Understanding the Material Safety Data Sheets
Practicing Safe Scienece MSWord-file
Sharps Safety in the Research Laboratory MSWord-file
Preventing Employee Exposure to Infectious Diseases MSWord-file
Lab Chemicals & Your Health
- Principles
Lab Chemicals & Your Health
- Safety Practices
Chemical Hazards MSWord-file
Emergency Response MSWord-file
Radionuclide Hazards MSWord-file
HIV Controling Your Risks MSWord-file
Chemical Storage Hazards MSWord-file
Glassware Cleaning/Washing Hazards MSWord-file
Centrifugation Hazards* MSWord-file
Mamalian Cell Culture Hazards* MSWord-file
Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals MSWord-file
X-Ray Difraction Hazards* MSWord-file
Bloodborne Pathogen MSWord-file
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