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UMD Research Safety Officers (RSO) Contact List

Art Department
Brian Hendrickson
email: bhendri2
Phone: 8906

Facilities Management
Laura Lott
email: llott
Phone: 6917
Mechanical Engineering
Robert feyen
email: rfeyen
Phone: 6179
Student life
Laura Lott
email: llott
Phone: 8160

Pat Farrell
email: pfarrell
Phone: 7076
Craig Maly
email: ccmaly
Phone: 720-4313
Nick Lamon
email: nlamon
Phone: 6614

Christina Gallup
email: cgallup
Phone: 8984
Grant Anderson
email: ander163
Phone: 726-6007
Randall Helander
email: rhelande
Phone: 6820

Health Services 
Michael Linsten
Phone: 7047
Mathew Nixon
email: dosterho
Phone: 6312
Chemical Engineering
Lyndon Ramrattan
email: lramratt
Phone: 6171

Large Lakes Oservatory
Aaron Wally Lingwal
email: ling0069
School of Medicine
Annette Rod
email: arod
Phone: 8879
Electrical Engineering
Xiaogang Chen
email: chen1557
Phone: 726-6153

Ash River Far Detector
Larry Salmela
email: lsalmela
Soudan Underground Physics Lab
Denise Osterholm
email: dosterho
Phone:  218-753-6904
Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory
Paul Hanson
email: pthanson
Phone:  328-1879
College of Liberal Arts
Peter Angelos
Email: pangelos
Phone: 726-7350

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