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Hazardous Chemical Waste Management

The University of Minnesota is committed to manage hazardous wastes (from cradle to grave) in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Therefore to reduce the burden of compliance and the cost of management of laboratory waste associated with research  Chemical Waste Disposal is free of charge to all University Departments who follow basic waste management as required under: 
  1. Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), enacted in 1976, established the cradle-to-grave management system for hazardous waste (40 CFR Part 260-265 and 266-282), primarily to protect human health and the environment from indiscriminant hazardous waste management practices.
  2. State (Minnesota Hazardous waste Rules, Chapter 7045),
  3. Local (Western Lake Superior Sanitary District:WLSSD), and
  4. University (Hazardous Waste Management Guidebook) regulations.

As generators of hazardous chemical waste, UMD departments are responsible for ensuring that their employees follow University of Minnesota guidelines regarding the proper management and disposal of hazardous chemical waste within their laboratories, shops or service areas.
Proper disposition of all hazardous materials used in laboratories is, in the first instance the responsibility of the principal investigator or researcher to whom a laboratory is assigned. Ultimate responsibility for hazardous materials management lies with each department.
The Chemical Waste Management Guidebook could be obtained free of charge from the UMD Environmental Health and Safety Office by calling 726-7139, or accessed on line at:
To dispose of your chemical waste follow our: Step by step Chemical Waste Disposal Guide

Additional Questions regarding waste disposal may be directed to:
Andrew Kimball
UMD-Environmental Health and Safety Office
Campus Mail: 13 DADB
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