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Compliance Requirements

  1. Appoint a research/laboratory safety officer
  2. Every department, laboratory, shop or service area, where hazardous materials are used stored or managed, must appoint a a Safety Officer.   To find out who is your area Safety Officer and what are his/her duties please, click HERE
  3. Hazardous Waste Management Training
  4. You must train designated employees that manage hazardous waste in your unit, laboratory or service area.   Other employees who do not manage hazardous waste must at least be made familiar with the labeling, storage, requirements and how to respond to emergency situations involving hazardous materials.
  5. Record Keeping
  6. You must keep training records for all your employees for at least 3 years after termination of employment.   Records must be available for inspection at all times.
  7. Proper Chemical Waste Storage and Disposal
  8. Hazardous chemical waste must be stored and disposed of properly, according to the guidelines described in the Hazardous Waste Management Training and the Hazardous Waste Management Guidebook
  9. Proper Waste Container Labeling

  10. Each waste container must be labeled as follow:

    • with the words Hazardous Waste,
    • the exact contents of the container (including compound name, percentages, water content, and pH*),
    • the start and fill date,
    • your name,
    • department, phone , room, and building numbers.
    * pH must be included for acidic or basic solutions only
    To see an example of a properly filled out label, please click HERE
    Labels are available free of charge from our office, call 726-6764 to order  new labels.
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