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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Notification

The University of Minnesota Duluth uses a variety of communication systems to inform the campus community about an emergency situation.

UMD SAFE-U Alerts for Emergency Text Messaging

SAFE-U Alerts is the University of Minnesota's emergency notification text messaging system for all campuses, including Duluth. Learn more about the program and how to keep your SAFE-U Alerts information up-to-date.

SAFE-U Alerts is automatically available to all UMD faculty, staff, and students who register a cell phone as part of their personal information. SAFE-U Alerts is not available to members of the general public. Please check the UMD web site for information.

Campus Loudspeaker

There are a number of outdoor loudspeakers on campus used to play audio alerts messages.

Tone-Alert Radios (TARs)

Each UMD department has a tone-alert radio in the department office. At the onset of any emergency, a voice alert message will be broadcast through Tone Alert Radios (TARs) informing the campus community of the situation. TARs were strategically placed in selected offices throughout campus to ensure maximum coverage. Personnel in these offices are instructed to convey the emergency information immediately to their constituencies. As part UMD's emergency preparedness, a broadcast test message is sent every first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 PM.

Snow Hot Line

The UMD Snow and Emergency Hotline can be reached by dialing (218) 726-SNOW (726-7669).

Digital Signs

Most digital signs on campus can be updated quickly to include an emergency message.

Web Announcements

Weather-related closings and other emergencies will be announced by placing an announcement on the UMD home page and on the Emergency Closings page. In the case of a severe emergency, where we need to reach the maximum number of people immediately, the entire UMD web site will be replaced with a single page for emergency information.


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