Emergency Preparedness

Pandemic Infectious Disease Preparations 

The University of Minnesota Duluth response to a pandemic influenza outbreak will be guided by the UMD Emergency Operations Plan, with additional emergency response guidance developed specifically for a pandemic infectious disease event. In May, 2006, the University of Minnesota Duluth formed a team to address our preparedness for a pandemic influenza outbreak. Teams and levels of responsibility were assigned to address the following 11 areas:

  1. International Travel
  2. Targeted Vaccine Distribution
  3. Essential Personnel, Operations, and Services
  4. Surveillance and Case Investigation
  5. Healthcare Needs
  6. Student Housing Needs
  7. Communications
  8. Education
  9. Internal Coordination
  10. External Coordination
  11. Providing Service to the Broader Community

The team met several times during 1 ½ years, accomplishing action steps in many areas. The team reviewed various drafts from the University of Minnesota planning efforts and standards from the American College Health Association. Protective supplies are now on campus. Various healthcare issues have been addressed and surveillance is ongoing. Education has begun with several training sessions being offered. Drills have been run in various critical units. A communication protocol has been developed. In addition, operational continuity plans have been addressed in critical units which will also be implemented during a pandemic flu episode. In the next few months the UMD Pandemic Infectious Disease Protocol will also be finalized and a web page will be launched.

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