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Face-to-Face Coaching

Health Coaching

We offer onsite health coaching to support you in your wellbeing goals.  

Earn 25 Wellbeing Points each time you meet with a health coach (max 250 points allowed).

Lifestyle Coaching

Rachel Gilbertson, M.Ed., can support you in inspiring, mobilizing and sustaining your path toward wellbeing. Lifestyle Health Coaching is a conversation about your overall wellbeing and ways to move toward your goals in a way that is unique and meaningful to you. 

Lifestyle Health coaching uses a whole person approach that recognizes that all aspects of wellbeing are important and interconnected: our health (physical & mental), our relationships and environments, and our sense of belonging, purpose & meaning, and safety & security.  

Things you might want to discuss include but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing Overall Wellbeing
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Creating meaningful goals & purposeful intentions
  • Learning Self-care practices, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self-compassion/acceptance practices
  • Incorporating movement and activity in enjoyable ways
  • Meeting your Wellbeing Point Goals in a way that is beneficial for you

Wellbeing Points Program

  • Earn 25 Wellbeing Points for each coaching visit you have before August 31, 2020. 

Getting Started

Here are some tools to help you get started thinking about your own health and wellbeing and what you're wanting from your Health Coaching meetings.