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A new cohort will begin Summer 2013!

Master of Education Tribal Cohort 5

Cohort 5 will begin Summer 2013!

Program Overview

This program is designed for professionals working in education or an education related field, with a particular focus on Culture, Language, and Teaching.

Centered around an Anishinaabe world view, the philosophy, course work, and Masters research projects are related to the health, well-being, history, culture, and education of Native peoples and the revitalization of native language. In addition, in keeping with this philosophy, elective courses in Ojibwe language are key to this program.

Program Curriculum

The M.Ed. curriculum will be enhanced to reflect an Anishinaabe world view with a focus on language revitalization. The degree requires a minimum of 30 credits.

Program Delivery

The cohort meets for a period of two years. Classes meet in-person one weekend at the beginning of each semester for orientation, community building, and course content. The remainder of coursework is done online, with occasional in-person meetings as needed, thus allowing students to be employed full-time. All required core courses are taken during fall and spring semesters. Electives may be taken during summers and, in some cases, during fall and spring semesters.

Technology & Computer Access Requirements

We require that members be comfortable using online resources, including email and the Internet. Cohort members will need to have access to a computer, an Internet connection, and the ability to access assignments, forms, and other program information online.

We strongly recommend that cohort members have their own laptop computer rather than relying on a shared computer at home or at work.

There will be formal instruction in the use of technology at our first face-to-face meeting, and on-going support throughout the program.