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Hawaiian Education Presentation

  • Monday, April 16, 2007
  • Library Rotunda 4th Floor. 11:00 - 1:00 p.m.
  • Refreshments will be served!

Moki Kim

As part of our endeavor to revitalize our knowledge of Indigenous people, we are proud to present: Moke Kim, Kawila Reyes, Flaviana Keaka Makahanaloa and Edna Cathcart from Molokai, Hawaii.

Moke Kim, Native Hawaiian elder, retired teacher, educator, cultural advisor, sustainable farmer and gardener.

Kawila Reyes, Flaviana Keaka Makahanaloa and Edna Cathcart, Native Hawaiian elders, teachers of the Hawaiian culture to the children and the elders of Hawaii.

Moke Kim will share his expertise on the importance of retaining Indigenous knowledge, using what nature has provided us, and values as Indigenous peoples.

He will also speak on Indigenous leadership and his knowledge and application of environmental issues, learning about Indigenous leadership in a contemporary context.

Kawila Reyes, Flaviana Keaka Makahanaloa and Edna Cathcart will share their expertise and you will experience a hands on Hawaiian culture through these very respected traditional elders and teachers.

Kawila Reyes

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A Chancellor´s Diversity Grant, the Center for Indigenous Knowledge Revitalization and the International Studies Office.