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AELP Academic English Language Program Course Descriptions


Educ 2301 English for Academic Writing
Build fluency and comfort writing academically; work on summarizing, quoting, using sources to develop an organized essay; practice drafting and revising; sentence-level editing. Prepares students for College Writing. 3 credits


Educ 2303 Academic Interactions: Listening and Speaking in the College Classroom
English for advanced listening/speaking in the college classroom: lecture comprehension; language and strategies for negotiating group work, leading discussions, giving presentations, and other forms of class participation. Course includes orientation to U.S. classroom, campus life and student services. 3 credits


Multilingual Learning Community



Educ 2304 Editing for Writers 2 credits
This language course focuses on editing for grammatical accuracy and academic style. Students examine features of formal academic writing, review grammar, practice with a variety of sentence structures, and develop strategies for editing and proofreading. Can be taken concurrently with Writ. 1120.


Educ 2302 Topics in Academic Reading II 3 credits
Focus is on critical reading in a particular field, building an academic context for language development. Students read, take notes, study terminology, develop ideas, and organize, extend, and articulate opinions about the readings through writing and discussion. Course activities center around reading authentic college texts in an academic area (ex. the social sciences).


Additional Support for non-native speakers of English:

Writ. 1120 College Writing 3 credits
Writing Studies now offers sections of Writ 1120 for non-native speakers of English. It is a regular section with the same requirements and standards, but the instructor has an ESL background and the students are all writing in a second language. Class size is a little smaller and students have more time to write the final in-class essay.

Tutoring in the Learning Commons (Library 2nd floor)

Peer-tutoring offered through the Tutoring Center

Writers’ Workshop The AELP instructors have consulting hours in the Writers’ Workshop. Look for us at