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Multi-Lingual Learning Community*

The theme of the 2014-2015 Learning Community is Cultural Contexts

What is culture? How do people, cultures and environments impact and interact with one another? What is shared globally? What is unique culturally? We will explore cultures in the world around us. At the same time, we will be working on strategies for academic reading, building academic vocabulary, writing from sources, and honing skills as students at the university.

Students in this Learning Community will take 4 courses together in the Fall:

Cultural Anthropology, 4 credits
From the Cultural Anthropology syllabus: Exploring our remarkable capacity for culture—the customary, learned behavior of all people, everywhere—is cultural anthropology’s goal. No other discipline has so broad a perspective or offers so much insight into so many contemporary issues. Anthropology offers us valuable practices for understanding ourselves and valuing cultural differences.

Topics in Academic Reading I, 2 credits
This course uses the anthropology textbook along with a college reading/study skills text, applying skills to the actual reading you are doing in Cultural Anthropology. You will study terminology, build academic vocabulary, practice annotating text, taking notes, and honing strategies for reading and studying in college.

English for Academic Writing, 3 credits
In this course you will draft and revise formal papers, write summaries and informal responses to readings connected to anthropology. You will also work on proofreading and academic style.

UMD Seminar, 1 credit
This course provides an orientation to UMD: exploring the resources available to students on campus.


Anth 1604 Cultural Anthropology 11:00 - 12:50 T Th

Educ 2301 English for Academic Writing sec. 1 2:00 - 3:15 T Th

Educ 1302 Topics in Academic Reading I 11:00 - 11:50 M W

SSP 1000 UMD Seminar

plus 1 other course (lab science not recommended in the first semester)



Educ 2304 Editing for Writers

Writ 1120 College Writing or SSP 1052 Strategies for College Writing)

plus 3-4 other classes of your choosing.


* The Multi-lingual Learning Community is designed for students who have graduated from U.S. high schools but whose ACT scores indicate a benefit from a transition program in the first year of college classes.