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Playing Hard for the Future

McIsiah Kendema
McIsiah Kendema, co-captain of the UMD track team and president of the Media Arts Club.

At UMD, students are encouraged to seek extracurricular opportunities in order to enrich their studies and prepare for their futures. McIsiah Kendema, a senior in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE), has channeled his interest in business and interactive media into a thriving student organization, the Media Arts Club.

As the president of the Media Arts Club, Kendema connects talented UMD students to real-world positions around the community. The club is primarily focused on interactive media. They develop Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, posters, flyers and other UMD and community organizations. They also help students network within the media-arts community.

The club is a bit of a practice run for Kendema. When he graduates, he wants to use business and media skills to become a video game production entrepreneur and create a company that focuses on storyline and character development for mobile applications and video games.

Originally from New Jersey, Kendema grew up in Brooklyn Center where his involvement in extra-curricular activities set the pace for his career at UMD. During high school Kendema played in a variety of sports including track. He continues to participate at UMD and serves as a team co-captain.

“I wouldn’t be the very same person I am today if it wasn’t for athletics,” said Kendema, “I was able to make a lot of bonds with different people, and it helped me build character for today.”

He uses the skills he gained in his athletic experiences to fuel his competitive drive to build a successful future.

In addition to double-majoring in an undergraduate degree in organizational management and management information systems, Kendema is member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Athletes in Action, LSBE Dean’s Student Advisory Council and a participant in many on and off-campus activities. He has made it a point to gain as much knowledge and experience as he can while he is still a student.

Kendema finds himself thankful for where he is today because of the leaders and role models he has had throughout his academic career.

“A professor of mine once said, ‘You can never say that what you have got today is by your own effort.’” He continued, “I can’t even express my gratitude.”

For more information click the link to The Media Arts Club's website.

Kendema featured in a UMD YouTube video for the Labovitz School of Business and Economics










Written by Jessica Coffin, March 2012

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