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Alumna Receives Induction into LPGA Hall of Fame

Kay McMahon  
Kay McMahon, owner of eduKAYtion golf, and 2010 inductee into the LPGA Hall of Fame.
Kay McMahon with other inductees  
2010 LPGA inductees: Jane Read, Patti Benson, Carol Johnson and Kay McMahon.  

Although her college days may be behind her, UMD alumna Kay McMahon ('71) is still learning. McMahon is owner of eduKAYtion golf, a New York based company that provides lessons and instruction to golfers of all levels. From children to adults, beginners and professionals, she is eager to share the knowledge she has gained over the years.

McMahon began her college education in pursuit of a math degree but quickly changed to physical education and health. To McMahon, the change seemed natural; involved in sports her whole life, the transition into college athletics was easy and fun.

“I played tons of basketball, badminton, softball, track and field, and we needed another coach for volleyball, so I was a player-coach too,” said McMahon.

There are no more player-coaches at UMD and much has changed on campus but some things, like the value of a good education and memorable mentors, remains the same.

McMahon said, “I still remember one of my coaches telling me that if your legs get tired, make your arms go faster because your legs will always catch up with your arms.”

McMahon listened well to the advice and her fast moving feet carried her all the way to California. In what started as a hobby, golfing became her main career pursuit. But despite her degree and athletic talents, it was tough to break into the industry. At the time the sport was predominantly for males, but McMahon persevered and became the first woman to gain Professional Golf Association (PGA) status in southern California.

While in pursuit of her professional golfing career, McMahon found herself teaching golf lessons. Although her college degree was not in golf or coaching, she adapted her teaching skills to become a successful businesswoman, and earned a hearty string of awards. In 1995, McMahon won the National Teacher of the Year award from the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and in 2010, McMahon received a coveted place in the LPGA Hall of Fame.

McMahon said, “I’m extremely glad I went to UMD. I now call myself an education junkie and as my father used to say, ‘The world’s problems could be solved by two things: education and soap.'”

Written by Jessica Coffin, May 2011

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