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Being Prepared

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The University of Minnesota has changed its health insurance policy. It’s important for students to stay updated on the changes to avoid unwanted charges.

• All degree-seeking students registered for six or more credits must have health insurance.

• When they register for classes, they must provide accurate insurance information. The information will be verified.

• If they do not provide an eligible insurance plan, they will be enrolled in and billed for the University’s Student Health Benefit Plan (about $950 per semester).

• More information on the process can be found at, 1-800-232-9017, 612-624-0627, or via e-mail:


College students are in their physical prime of life. In fact, 93 percent of UMD students describe their health as good, very good, or excellent, according to a 2011 National College Health Assessment (ACHC) study. As healthy young adults, they are statistically less likely to develop life-threatening illnesses than older men and women.

But college students are not invincible, and every one of them needs to be covered by health insurance. The University of Minnesota realizes this need and as all university students register for fall 2012 classes, they will be faced with a new policy. Students must present verifiable information about their health care coverage or they will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the University’s Student Health Benefit Plan.

“The new requirements are an effort by the University to ensure our students across the system have access to health care and coverage that will help them be successful in school,” said Lisa Erwin, Vice Chancellor for Student Life.

According to the ACHC study, the top reasons UMD students see a health professional are allergies, sinus infections, back pain, strep throat and urinary tract infections. When students have health insurance from the university, their own provider, or their parent’s provider, they can visit either UMD Health Services or another doctor’s office.

No matter where the insurance comes from, UMD students aren't charged for office visits to see medical providers and they receive free counseling. The counseling session are especially valuable. UMD students report that anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties and depression affect their academic performance.

"It's important to us that UMD can provide quality health care through Health Services. UMD cares about the well being of our students," said Erwin.

Written by Cheryl Reitan, March 2012

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