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Maroon and Gold Street Signs

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Student Association Promotes the Bulldog Nation

Unveiling: Tuesday October 16, 2012, 6 pm, Ordean Court


tj and kelly  
T.J. Kiewatt and Kelly Kemper, Student Association members
Map of Bulldog Sign Placement

The Student Association (SA) at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) will be unveiling new maroon and gold campus street signs. Fourteen signs and four double-sided arrows will be seen around campus in mid-October.

The signs have been in the works for the last five years, and the student organizers have high expectations for making UMD a more welcoming place for prospective students, currents students, and anyone coming onto the campus. “It creates a soft edge for incoming students to the Bulldog Nation,” says SA president Hannah Mumm.

The new street signs cost $6,000. Half of the cost was paid for by UMD facilities while $1,200 came from the UMD Library and Kirby Student Center. The Student Association also received a $1,300 strategic small grant.

SA hopes the signs give students a sense of belonging. “The signs are also used to encourage student retention rates and increase school pride,” says Mumm.

One of the concerns about the project was the cost, but that was alleviated by the high amount of donations and grants. Some say the maroon and gold may be difficult to see, but the signs have contrasting colors and have been accepted as readable by the City of Duluth. The signs also have the UM Board of Regents approval. Another concern is the theft of the signs. The project created a special fund to replace stolen or damaged signs and SA purchased theft-proof bolts to make the signage system secure.

Students and the bookstore are excited about the new signs. Plastic replicas will be sold at UMD stores. T.J. Kiewatt, an SA member and champion of the sign project says, "We're all so proud to have accomplished this. We really wanted to make UMD's presence in the city known, and this provides a way for people to see our proud Bulldog community and awesomeness. Thank you to all who helped UMD make this happen."

Written by Korin Olgaard, October 2012

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