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UMD's Communication Sciences and Disorder Club: Active in the Community

UMD CSD Club Members  
Members of UMD's CSD Club at a 2012 fundraiser (from left): Bottom row: Anna Schuman, Mallori Jurgenson, Alana Nielsen. Top row: Amanda Kohler, Lauren Hagen, Valarie Skinner, Leah Trombley

What began as an opportunity for undergraduate students majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders to get together socially has morphed into a club that is actively involved in volunteer efforts throughout the Greater Duluth Area. The Communication Sciences and Disorders Club, better known as the CSD Club, boasts 45 members.

Seniors Mallori Jurgenson and Anna Schuman, both Club members, became interested in CSD because it offered them a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. “I have two business degrees,” Jurgenson said, “but working in business, I didn’t feel it was right for me. My aunt told me about UMD’s CSD program. In this field, I’ll be able to really help people.”

Schuman became interested in working with others early on in her life. Her mother is a psychotherapist at a hospital. But it wasn’t until Schuman worked with a boy diagnosed with autism that she knew that she had found her calling. “I loved interacting with someone one-on-one. To help him with his communication skills – it really tugged at my heart,” Schuman recalled.

Both Jurgenson and Schuman will be graduating in May of this year. Each plans to attend graduate school in the fall.

In the Community
It’s a natural fit for people interested in helping others to volunteer throughout the community. “The CSD Club’s done everything from the adopt-a-highway program and an Alzheimer’s walk to stuffing envelopes for a local school,” Schuman said. The Club also hosts a CSD banquet for undergrads, graduate students, and CSD faculty as a way to celebrate the end of each school year.

“We especially try to serve the community that we will eventually serve as professionals,” Jurgenson said. Last year, they hosted a benefit concert at Clyde Iron Works to raise money for local individuals who had had laryngectomies so that those individuals could attend the International Association Laryngectomies Conference and Voice Institute. The event raised $2000.

This year, the CSD Club is involved in an event called A Night at the Museum. It will be held overnight at the Duluth Children’s Museum from Sat. Apr. 27, 5 pm, through Sun., Apr. 28, 9 am. Children ages 10 and older will enjoy a chaperoned overnight exploring the museum's exhibits along with dinner, snacks, and breakfast. Cost is $50 for first child, $25 for each additional child. To register, visit the Night at the Museum website. The Lions Club is offering ten $50 scholarships. Contact Mallori Jurgenson for more information about the scholarships.

That same evening, Apr. 27, while the children are enjoying their adventure, parents and adults can enjoy an evening at Clyde Iron Works with dinner at 6 pm, live and silent auctions, and music. The cost is $50 per adult.

Proceeds will benefit scholarships for UMD including the Alison Hietala Lee Scholarship, the Margaret Haley Kepner Scholarship, and the Lion’s Club Scholarship. Proceeds will also benefit AccessNorth, which provides assistive devices for independent living including communication devices ranging from Velcro boards to iPads. In addition, proceeds will benefit the Duluth area National Stuttering Association support group.

CSD Club members are working on many aspects of the event, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Some are creating a one-time-only Speech and Hearing Sciences Exhibit for the children at the Duluth Children’s Museum. Former CSD Club member and current CSD graduate student, Josh Sorvik will co-host the live auction.

About CSD
To learn more about the Communication Sciences and Disorders program, visit the CSD website.

UMD's CSD Club
Members of UMD's CSD Club enjoys an evening out at a local restaurant.


UMD Those who can, Duluth

Written by Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann, April 2013


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