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Stephanie Anderson and Allison Lutz: Launching Their Careers

UMD seniors Allison Lutz and Stephanie Anderson

Allison Lutz and Stephanie Anderson

Their stories are so similar that it's little wonder they’ve gone from strangers to self-described “besties” in three short years. Stephanie Anderson and Allison Lutz came to UMD as sophomore transfer students in fall 2010. Both enjoyed math. Anderson considered a career in actuarial science. “I was leaning towards marketing, but didn’t want to give up numbers,” Lutz said. Then the two women heard about a new program called the Retail Marketing Analytics Program (ReMAP) at the Labovitz School of Business and Economics. “It was exactly what I was looking for,” Anderson recalled. “It was a perfect fit. My love of math combined with the business sector.

In ReMAP, students have the opportunity to build a strong foundation of statistical analysis know-how and directly apply advanced marketing techniques to real-world situations. But analysis is only part of the equation. “We also focus on how to communicate our results to people who don’t understand the data. You need to be able to interpret the data, to tell a story with it,” Anderson said. Both women benefited from internships last summer: Anderson with SuperValu and Lutz with the Schwan Food Company. “The internships gave us a lot of valuable, practical experience,” Lutz said. And it’s paid off. Both have jobs lined up after graduation. Anderson will begin her career with the Schwan Food Company and Lutz will begin hers with a consulting firm in the Twin Cities called Boom Lab. They are proud to have been a part of ReMAP’s first cohort. “It will be exciting to see how the program will grow,” Anderson said.

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May 2013

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