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Honors students with Honors Program Director Ryan Goei and coordinator Jessica Saxton (center).

UMD Honors Students Present their Capstone Poster Projects

On April 23, 2013, University Honors seniors presented the results of their capstone projects in poster format. Honors projects from all five UMD colleges, 19 in all, were represented. The project topics are diverse and included graphic design, cosmic ray shielding, mental health services, antibiotic resistance of bacteria, gene expression, lupus treatment and the FDA, the history and culture of Native Hawaiians, and sumo robot wrestling, to name a few. University Honors is a program for highly motivated students to engage actively in the liberal education mission of the university.

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Trisha Holmes - Graphic Design: From Strayed to Strategized   Kristen Nosbisch - Cosmic Ray Shielding at NOvA   Emily Howe - Sumo Robot Wrestling
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Megan Fusselman - My Summer Working on Fortune 500 Strategy Initiatives   Allison Severson - An Interpretation of Remnant Beach Deposits From Lake Agassiz   Stephanie Herrala - Are Spiders' Webs a Part of an Extended Phenotype?
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Olivia Zigler - HALO: Helium and Lead Observatory   Amy Stein - Using Reactive Oxygen Species to Combat Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria   Janae Anderson - Gene Expression Analysis of the Colon Stem Cell Compartment
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Blake Balzum - Belimumab: Analyzing the Latest Treatment for Lupus and the FDA Drug Approval Process   Kelly Djerf - Toxoplasma gondii, a Parasite with a Mind of its Own   Madiha Mirza - Hmong College Students: Challenges and Solutions
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Molly Gorder - Sucrose-phosphate synthase 2F: understanding the genes involved in nectar production in Arabidopsis thaliana   Cathryn Bettendorf - Pain-Free, Not Risk-Free: The Dangers Associated with Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) and Athletes   Leah Schroer - Quality Improvement in Mental Health
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Krysta Nelson - Comparing Research Treatments Using Blood Gas Analyzer Data   Sarah Pedersen - Crystal Structure of Triple Phenylalanine Azurin   Jamie Nosbisch - Using Light to Manipulate Rafts in Biomembranes
    Randi Timerman - Diffusion, Compartmentalization, and Mechanism of Action of Bodipy-FTY720 as a Biomarker for Immune Suppresion    
Not pictured: Laura Messner.
Story by Cheryl Reitan, April 2013

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