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Those Who Can, Fly.

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Tim Millard: Student Association Contest Winner


UMD Student Tim Millard
UMD Senior Tim Millard  

Those Who Can, Duluth. It’s all around campus. Recently UMD’s Student Association set up a table in Kirby and encouraged students to think about what that statement means to them. They asked students to craft their own ‘Those Who Can’ line as a way to share their accomplishments.

“We wanted this contest to be a chance for students to tell their story and make the brand their own and personalize it,” said Molly Tomfohrde of Student Association.

Tim Millard’s submission was chosen as the winner. His statement was, Those Who Can, Fly. “Since I was five I have had a passion for flying,” Millard said. “I saw a movie called When Things Seem Impossible about a missionary pilot who was held hostage that really encouraged my interest.” He chose UMD because of its ROTC program. He received an ROTC scholarship, which encouraged him even more to continue his education at UMD. Millard, a senior majoring in computer science, said that UMD has challenged him academically and assisted him in finding his purpose by providing him with ways of meeting people who were also involved in the aviation community.

Tomfohrde explained that Millard’s statement was chosen because of the connection he made between his education at UMD and his future goals. The Student Association partnered with UMD stores who donated a $100 gift card for the contest winner.

The Student Association hopes to keep promoting the new brand and want to see it as much as possible around campus.

Tim Millard's Winning Submission:

UMD has challenged me academically and has assisted me in finding a purpose. After graduating, I will help keep the nation's aircraft flying safely. Those who can, fly.

UMD Those Who Can, Duluth

Written by Riley McLaughlin, March 2013

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