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Roger Revak speaks on “The Power of Your Personal Mission Statement”

UMD alumnus Roger Revak
Roger Revak  

Mission statements have been used by businesses and organizations over the years. Roger Revak, motivational speaker and LSBE alumnus, proposes that people use mission statements personally to indicate what they want to achieve and where they want to go in their lives. “When people determine the direction they want to go and the reason why, it is easier for them to achieve that goal,” he said.

Revak, using his own personal experiences and humor, will explain the importance of having a personal mission statement and how to create one in his speech entitled "The Power of Your Personal Mission Statement” on April 16 at 11 am in Weber Music Hall. Revak is LSBE's spring Distinguished Speaker. This event, underwritten by National Bank of Commerce, is free and open to the public. Attendees are asked to pre-register for this event on the LSBE website.

"We are fortunate to have Roger Revak share his inspirational stories with us," said Kjell R. Knudsen, dean of LSBE. "Teaching audiences through humor is a gift. We look forward to having Mr. Revak share his talent and his vision of personal mission statements."

Revak wants people to take control of their lives so they can reach their goals. “A personal mission statement can help people stay on track and keep them from being swayed by other things,” Revak said. “It’s like a personal road map to life, helping you get over the bumps in the road and through the rough times.” His tough times include: being laid off from two jobs, a divorce, and a brain tumor which has been removed.

He lives by his own personal mission statement: “With laughter, authenticity and passion, I dedicate myself to inspire, motivate and teach others to reach their full potential and never quit. I do this by setting a positive example of personal reinvention and personal resilience.” His mission statement is fulfilled through every one of his speeches.

Revak has spoken to business owners across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, but this is the first time he has spoken at a university. “I hope to inspire the UMD students who attend my talk,” he said. Revak graduated from UMD in 1990 with a double major in Accounting and Finance. In 2005, he became the first person in Minnesota to be placed in the top of three of all four of Minnesota’s District 6 Toastmaster competition contests. Revak is the author of Internal Vision: A 10 Day Journey to True Happiness.

"National Bank of Commerce is proud to support a remarkable man with an inspirational message," said Bruce Webb, president of Minnesota Banks for National Bank of Commerce. "The impact of listening to Mr. Revak's story is powerful, and he gives the audience some great ideas on how to work on personal action plans. As the area's largest locally owned community bank, we support both personal and professional growth with the citizens in our communities."

National Bank of Commerce is underwriting the 2012-2013 LSBE Distinguished Speaker Series. With six local branches, National Bank of Commerce is the area's largest, locally owned bank with headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin. Additional bank locations include Duluth and Hermantown, Minnesota, a midtown Superior bank, and one each in Poplar and Solon Springs.


Written by Katarina Menze, April 2013

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