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A comprehensive survey of nearly 2,000 alumni finds that virtually all 2013 grads have found jobs or are continuing their education.

Highlights of career survey


The just-completed Career and Internship Services survey shows that 95% of graduates from the class of 2013 surveyed are employed or are continuing their studies. "UMD does an excellent job providing the right mix of classroom instruction, research opportunities, internships, and extra curricular activities to set students on a path of success," says Chancellor Lendley C. Black. "The results are getting noticed."

Julie Westlund, director of Career and Internship Services, agrees the results are garnering quite a reaction, “We are presenting this information to parents of incoming freshmen right now. There is an audible gasp of amazement when we show them that only 3% of UMD 2012-13 graduates were still seeking employment six to 12 months after graduation.”

The survey also asked grads if their jobs are relevant to their degrees. “The majority of respondents, 81% of those employed, reported their jobs as ‘related’ or ‘somewhat related’ to their majors,” says Westlund. “This is an increase over the previous year, which was 78%.”

Zachary Lyons, who received a degree in Business Administration in Marketing, is one of those students. Now working as an account coordinator at the Minneapolis ad agency Nemer Fieger, he says that virtual networking was the key to his success. “I landed my job on LinkedIn. By being active and engaged with this online tool, there are a world of opportunities for a young professional like myself.”

Chemical Engineering grad Zac Fredericks is not quite a month into his new job as an associate compliance engineer at Enbridge in Duluth, but he's already passing along sage advice to Bulldogs coming up the ranks. "If students put in the time it takes to graduate and the time it takes to apply for the vast majority of jobs out there, every UMD graduate can find a successful career, in my opinion. All it takes is a little motivation."

Staff from the office of Career and Internship Services surveyed alumni who received undergraduate degrees from UMD between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. The report is based on responses from 1,792 graduates (90% of the reported 1,982 undergraduate students granted degrees during the time frame). The data was collected through email and online surveys and through follow-up phone calls.

The full graduate follow up report is available on Career Services’ website.












Story by Lori C. Melton, July 10, 2014

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