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Gaining and Enhancing Skills with Continuing Education

UMD's Continuing Ed Online Marketing Training
Four in-depth professional certificates on how to market online are the latest offerings from UMD Continuing Education.  

Technology in business is evolving at a record pace. UMD Continuing Education (CE) offers a wide range of certicificates and courses to help anyone, from a young graduate to a seasoned professional, gain new skills or strengthen existing ones.

These offerings range from certificates to individual courses. Many courses are available online, 24/7, in a self-directed and/or self-paced format so they fit into any user's schedule.

Roxanne Richards, program associate in CE, believes these courses will have broad appeal. “Not only are they excellent for recent graduates looking to enhance their resumes, they are essential for people in careers who want to expand their knowledge and broaden their skill set. These could be people who want to take on more responsibility in their current job, those who seek to be promoted, or those who are starting a new career or business,” she said.

Online Marketing
Continuing Education’s new Online Marketing training certificates and courses give participants practical knowledge in this ever-expanding industry. Four in-depth professional certificates are offered: Social Media & Mobile Marketing, Search Marketing, Paid Search, and Digital Analytics and Conversion. Individuals who complete one or more of these certificates will be certified by the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professionals).

For those who prefer to take a more targeted approach, CE offers the following individual Online Marketing Training courses in such areas as Internet Marketing Fundamentals, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Landing Page Optimization & Conversion Practioner, Mobile Marketing, and Web Analytics.

All of the Online Marketing training certificates and courses include streaming video lessons, downloadable workbooks, recommended exercises, and program quizzes and tests. All of the Online Marketing Training courses are taken online in a self-paced, self-directed format.

Enhancing Skills/Building Credentials
Individuals can also earn certificates for such topics as: Business and Non-Profit and Education for K-12 teachers. Business and Leadership certificates are also offered in such areas as: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Launching Your Career, Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Six Sigma, and Writing.

Those who wish to by-pass a certificate can take individuals courses, such as writing a business plan, hiring, and networking from the Entrepreneurship certificate or constructing a job search, interviewing, and writing. from the Launching Your Career certificate.

“People can use these individual courses as tools to improve their proficiency and their marketability,” Richards said.

CE offers a wide variety of professional development certificates, including Project Management, Sustainable Management, and Sustainable Food Systems. CE’s Health and Human Services offerings include Studies in Gambling Addiction and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

CE also offers a certificate in Mental Health First Aid. One course focuses on mental health issues in adults, while the other focuses on teens and young adults. Both are designed to help the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. These courses have been extremely well received. Deborah Lunde, a pastor at Zoar Lutheran Church in Tofte, Minn., said "The training gave me good, basic information about mental health issues and promoted appropriate, caring responses." Denise Hirt, a jail administrator for Itasca County, said, "This course was very helpful and made me more aware of mental health issues."

No Matter How Small or How Big
CE is very interested in understanding the needs of local and regional businesses and makes determinations as to how it can help. Recently CE sent surveys to businesses, big and small, around the area in order to gain insights on topics that will help develop content and programming for the future.

CE can work with a business to compile a needs assessment or it can use a needs assessment that is already in place. CE is able to collaborate with small businesses as well as large corporations.“We can do customized training for a business, modify a current course we already have, or develop develop a completely new course,” Richards said.

CE is striving to be a lifelong learning partner in the Arrowhead region. For more information, visit the Continuing Education website.

By Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann, June 2014.

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