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46th Annual Feast of Nations: UMD Focuses on Global Awareness and Diversity

UMD's Feast of Nations  
A performer at the 45th annual Feast of Nations

UMD has a strong focus on global awareness and diversity, and the International Club is getting ready to celebrate.

"The theme for the 46th Feast of Nations is One Love, One World,” said Dayae Kim, president of UMD’s International Club. “We want to focus on unity of the whole world.”

The Feast of Nations will be held on Sat., March 1 in the Kirby Ballroom, starting at 5 pm. It is a night for UMD students and Duluth community members to come together and learn about many different cultures from around the world, with a delicious and entertaining approach.

The night begins with the Feast, which is held in the Kirby Ballroom, and then heads to Marshall Performing Arts Center for the culture show.

“The cuisine and culture shows will give people a chance to try new food and learn about different cultures,” said Kim. “But when we say culture, we also mean sub-cultures.”

Before any of this can happen, the International Club puts a lot of effort into getting everything ready. Members, including Dayae Kim, Peilin Zhou, and David Lee, work with many different people.

“This year, I have spent a lot of time working with our performers,” said Lee. “I was in charge of coordinating them. I also spent a lot of time looking for and speaking with sponsors.”

The club also includes setting up a test-tasting with UMD Catering to ensure the food meets their standards.

“We have people meet with UMD Catering to make sure that the food tastes authentic,” said Lee. “The tasters give tips to make sure it’s as close to authentic as possible.”

“Last year we had lot of different foods. Everyone seemed to like the curry; I remember running out of it very quickly,” said Zhou, treasurer for the International Club. “My favorite was the crepes.”

This year, they are working on diversifying their menu even more.

“We are trying to have all kinds of food like French, Indian, Cambodian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai,” said Kim.

However, the International Club isn’t the only group of people getting ready for the Feast of Nations. Performers put a lot of time and effort into preparing for their moment on stage, because they want the audience to enjoy their culture.

“Last year, I participated in the Spring Chant. I am not a dancer, but I really enjoyed it,” said Zhou. “Even though I was nervous, I wanted to show Chinese culture.”

“I am going to be dancing this year,” said Lee. “I am really excited to show and represent another culture, even if it is not my own.”

Although a lot of singing and dancing acts are shown and the performers are mostly UMD students, the show is open to many possibilities. Last year a student from UWS participated.

However, they don’t stop there. The show welcomes more than just dancing and singing. “Last year, the Chemistry Club did an experiment called Rainbow Connection,” said Kim. “Our theme was Color Our World, and they made a liquid change colors.”

In fact, performers at the Feast of Nations can express any culture they would like to; no one is limited. Last year a group mixed a K-Pop song with an American pop song.

With the food and entertainment, it is no surprise that the turnout for the Feast of Nations is growing. Last year, they had approximately 350 people come. This year, they are expecting close to 400.

During dinner, a fashion show will be held to show clothing styles from around the world. “We want to show major cultures such as Chinese and Korean, but also subcultures such as Hawaiian and cowboys,” said Zhou.

The dinner begins at 5 pm. There will be a 30 to 40 minute break, and the culture show runs from 7pm to 9 pm. After the show, an after party will be held from 9 pm to midnight and anyone can join in. DJ BankE will be the entertainment for the rest of the night.

“Everyone is welcome to the UMD Feast of Nations. Even though it is hosted by the International Club, everyone is invited,” said Kim. “Where else in Duluth can you find and learn about so many cultures in one place?”


The Feast of Nations will be held on March 1, starting in the Ballroom. The International Club will be selling tickets in the Kirby Commons on February 25, 27, and 28 from 9 am to 3 pm. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door.


Dinner and Show:

$15 for non-students
$10 for students
$5 for ages 6-12
Under 6 is free

Show Only:

$10 for non-students
$6 for students
$2 for ages 6-12 category

Dinner tickets usually sell out, so the tickets at the door will most likely be for the show only.


UMD's Feast of Nations   UMD's Feast of Nations    
Performers at the 45th annual Feast of Nations


Written by Brilynn Janckila, February 2014.


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