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LLO Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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New and Seasoned Researchers Honored at Large Lakes Event

LLO New Faculty University of Minnesota Duluth
New faculty researchers Samuel Kelly, Kathryn Schreiner, Ted Ozersky, and Byron Steinman all joined Large Lakes Observatory in 2014.

UMD faced rough waters at first but navigated its way to the formation of a world class research institution. For 20 years, the Large Lakes Observatory (LLO), has continued to make major discoveries and scientific history.

On August 24, an audience of community members and friends celebrated with LLO faculty and researchers and welcomed the newest recruits. Sea shanties were sung, stories were told, and occasionally, history blended with legend. The celebration was a fitting tribute to LLO, which has earned an international reputation and has gained the collaboration of field programs and research scientists on six continents.

At the event, Robert Sterner, the current Large Lakes Observatory director said, "Tonight we reflect on a 20-year legacy of excellence in aquatic science and we looked forward with excitement to building on that foundation.  LLO is a shining example of a thriving interdisciplinary research institute. Its mission of "Large Lakes of the World" is unique in the U.S. and perhaps the world.  The few largest lakes on Earth hold a large fraction of the planet's liquid freshwater, perhaps the most precious social resource there is. By deepening the scientific understanding of these important and fascinating places, LLO scientists provide information vital to sustainable development."

LLO's faculty focus their work on a variety of sciences including biology, aquatic chemistry, physical limnology. geochemistry, geophysics, and paleoclimatology. In addition to housing a vibrant graduate program, which attracts students from Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, China, Malaysia and the Netherlands, LLO provides unique research opportunities to undergraduates. In the past few years UMD undergraduates have participated in field programs in Indonesia, Mexico, Malawi, as well as on Lake Superior. Close ties have been formed with institutes in Canada, Uganda, France, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Nicaragua, Malawi, Tanzania and England, as well as with many universities within the United States.

  • Faculty researchers include Regents Professor Thomas Johnson, professors Erik Brown, Steve Colman, and Elizabeth Minor; associate professors Jay Austin, Sergei Katsev, and Nigel Wattrus; and assistant professors Samuel Kelly, Ted Ozersky, Kathryn Schreiner, and Byron Steinman.

For two decades, staff from this world-class research institute have been traveling the globe, working to understand how lakes function, how they behaved in the past, and what will happen to them in the coming years.

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Highlights from the LLO Event.

All LLO Faculty   Chancellor Black and Yvonne Prettner Solon

LLO faculty, researchers, directors, and founders.

  UMD Chancellor Lendley C. Black and Minnesota Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon.
LLO Directors Josh and Bob Tom Johnson
Robert Carlson, Bob Holt, Bob Sterner, Steve Colman, Erik Brown, and Tom Johnson. Swenson Science and Engineering Dean Josh Hamilton and current LLO Director Bob Sterner. LLO's first director, Tom Johnson

by Cheryl Reitan, August 2014

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