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National Council of Undergraduate Research

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NCUR Event
National Council of Undergraduate Research

UMD Students Present at the National Council of Undergraduate Research

Seventeen UMD students attended the National Conference (NCUR) on Undergraduate Research from April 3–5, 2014 in Lexington, Kentucky. Three of the students represented CEHSP, 14 came from SCSE, and three faculty attended. "There were 4200 participants in this conference," said Penny Morton, associate dean Swenson College of Science and Engineering, "Our students did well on their posters and presentations."  

The annual student conference promotes undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in all fields of study. The event is especially unique because it showcases young presenters from institutions of higher learning from all corners of the academic curriculum. It celebrates and promotes undergraduate student achievement, provides models of exemplary research and scholarship, and helps to improve the state of undergraduate education.

NCUR 2014, University of Kentucky, Lexington
University of Minnesota Duluth Presentations

Elizabeth   Robert k   Kelsey

Elizabeth Marshall - Seed Characteristics of Schizachyrium Scoparium (Poaceae) Along Geographical Gradients. Elizabeth is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry.

  Robert Kostick - Strength Testing of Welded Pre-Manufactured Modular Systems Robert is in his first year of grad school in the civil engineering program. He intends to enter the field of structural engineering.   Kelsey Melgaard - The Activity of BACE1 and BACE2 Accelerates the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Kelsey is a senior, majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Cell & Molecular Biology. She plans to attend Pharmacy school.
Dayae   Josh   Eshyun

Dayae Kim - Facilitators and Barriers in intercultural communication in parent-teacher conferences: A case study of Korean immigrant parents. Kim is a senior communication major and a journalism minor. She is looking for a job that will lead to a career in television productions

  Joshua Bruhn - TCA Cycle Substrate Selection and Doxorubicin Resistance in Breast Cancer Cells. John is a senior biochemistry and molecular biology student. Next year he will attend the medical school at UC San Francisco   Ehsun Angadjivand - Metabolism of Terpenoid Indole Alkaloids From Catharanthus Roseus Hairy Roots. Ehsun is a senior chemical engineering major. He will pursue his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at University of Houston Fall 2014
dirkens   Emmalee   vlad
Cody Dirksen - Stress in the Life of a College Student. Cody is a senior psychology major. He plans to become a behavioral technician.   Emmalee Toldo - Catalytic and X-Ray Crystallographic Study of Wild Type Azurin and its Mutant. Emmalee is a senior biochemistry & molecular biology major. She will be attending the Pacific University College of Optometry this fall.   Vlad Popescu - Role of OV3 in Sensitivity to Antiestrogens. Vlad is a senior biochemistry & molecular biology (BMB) and chemistry double major. He will be attending pharmacy school in the fall at UMD.
student   Brandon   william
Bryan Jensen - Characterizing the Bace Protease Family in Order to study Native and Alzheimer’s Disease Amyloid Pathways.   Brandon Edlund - Validation of Transcription Induced Chimeras in Human Stage IV Colon Cancer Liver Metastasi.   William Walter - Functional Confirmation of Genes Involved in Antiestrogen Resistance Breast Cancer.
Spencer Kruggel - Characterizing How Annexin A1, A2, and Dysferlin Bind to and Repair Muscle Membrane.        

Not pictured:
Jacob Balma - Modeling the Equilibrium Distribution of Cosmic Strings. Jacob is a senior physics major and he plans to go to grad school.
Amelia Maher - College Student Binge Drinking and Alcohol Outcome Expectancies: Weekday Versus Weekend a junior psychology major, is planning on going to grad school, possibly for cognitive neuroscience.
Stephanie Greeng - The Joule-Thomson Coefficient as a Predictor for Column Efficiency in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Stephanie is a senior chemistry major and she is planning on going to graduate school.
Troy Hendrickson - Synaptotagmin Linker: Tunign of Cooperativity in CA2+ Binding. Troy is a senior with a B.S. in biochemistry & molecular biology and a B.A. in chemistry.  He plans to go medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon.
Logan Van Hon - MDA-MB-231: Proposed as a Model Cell Line for Studies of Monocarboxylic Acid Transporter-4

Story by Cheryl Reitan, April 2013

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