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Liz Wright Brings a Fresh Eye to Writing for UMD Students

Liz Wright University of Minnesota Duluth  
Liz Wright, UMD's Writing Program Administrator  

Liz Wright’s name may not be the most well-known on campus, but the work she does affects almost every student at UMD.

“Writing is not math, where it’s a formula and you just know it,” said Wright. “It’s a process. You can always improve. Professors can’t just say this is good or bad and throw on a grade.”

Wright is UMD’s new Writing Program Administrator. Her responsibilities include overseeing the sections of College Writing, which nearly every student is required to take, as well as the Advanced Writing courses.

Before the creation of this position, overseeing the writing courses was the department chair’s responsibility. Once the university decided that was too much for one person, it was split into two.

However, Wright does work closely with Chongwon Park, the head of the Writing Studies department. He is in charge of the department, while she is in charge of the core classes.

“For majors such as science, students will wonder why they need to take an advanced writing course,” Wright said. “However, people in every field must have the ability to write. It is important to speak, communicate, and write well for almost every entry level position, which helps develop critical thinking skills.”

As the new Writing Program Administrator, Wright is overseeing both College and Advanced Writing classes. “We had to sit down and define outcomes, or what students need to be able to do, after taking Writ 1120,” Wright said. “I also just watch over the program in general, to be sure that it's running well and that teachers and students are both benefitting, to make sure it’s effective.”

Before Wright worked with UMD, she was a professor in New Hampshire, with a Catholic university. “My favorite part of being at UMD is the people I work with, although the connected buildings come in a close second,” Wright said.



Written by Brilynn Janckila, March 2014.


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