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It's being organized: A double major shares her secrets to success

Krista Anderson

“I can geek out about Google Calendar,” Krista Anderson said. If she doesn’t write it down, it won’t happen. Krista knowingly and proudly admits that Google Calendar and Post-It notes are her secrets to success.


Lively jazz music plays in a classroom while a dozen students dance rhythmically on the wooden floor. Tap shoes flawlessly sweep in sync, making music together. Krista Anderson is in this class – 12 years of ballet and tap have served her well. She is familiar and comfortable with dancing; it’s soothing. Her hobby, this class, helps her handle college swiftly, thoughtfully and happily, like the dancers she shares that time with.

Krista, a senior at UMD, is double majoring in organizational management at the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) and Hispanic studies at the College of Liberal Arts. She is also working toward a minor in marketing. Like most college students, Krista isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do after graduation in spring 2016, but she knows what she wants right now. She has two jobs in LSBE and earned four scholarships just this year. Krista is in eight different clubs and organizations, including the Management Club, of which she is president. All these experiences have made her sure of one thing, she wants to own her own business someday. 

Krista praises her parents for their management skills and business sense. Her dad owns his own construction business, her mom and dad have a farm, and with their extended family, they own a winter storage company. "When we were little, my two sisters and I played in the family business office. As a kid, I often helped my mom with office tasks. I also spent many weekends helping with boat and recreational vehicle storage.

Besides family, Krista is all about schedules. The rhythm of her life only flows smoothly when she schedules classes, work time, workout time, study time, and break time. Schedules keep her relaxed and fluid. So do her routine girls' nights. “They're something to look forward to each week,” Krista says.

She says she learned these healthy habits of schedules and calming classes when she was a freshman. Now as a senior, there is even more to keep track of. “I can geek out about Google Calendar,” she said. If she doesn’t write it down, it won’t happen. Krista knowingly and proudly admits that Google Calendar and Post-It notes are her secrets to success.

She takes one “fun” class every semester, like tap, to stay harmonized and level headed. Fun classes mean that she doesn’t need the class for her major, but rather she needs it for her soul. Last spring she took ballet. Next semester she thinks it may be time for ballroom dancing.

Business and organization is in Krista’s blood and something she has perfected, but adventure is too. Last spring she packed her bags and jetted off to Salamanca, Spain. Krista said that if you can conquer a language barrier, you can do anything. After spending four weeks in Spain with her short term study abroad group, she continued to travel Spain and France making a six week excursion around Europe. 

“You learn a lot about yourself and your communication skills when you’re abroad,” Krista says.

With all the learning, traveling, and dancing, Krista is making the most of college and rocking it.

For more information about the organizational management and the marketing programs, visit the LSBE website.

For more information about the Hispanic studies program, visit the College of Liberal Arts website.

Written by Hannah Broadbent, communication intern, November 2015

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