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Science Day photo
Mixing hydrogen peroxide, food coloring, dish soap, and potassium iodide grows into elephant toothpaste. UMD student "Lab Rats" assisted with the experiments.

 Science Day Experiments
Students identify animals in the biology labs.

Bulldog Science Day
They laughed, smiled and static electric-shocked each other. They made their way from Life Science to the Chemistry building and back again. Why? To learn about science.

High school and middle school students from around Minnesota and Wisconsin descended on UMD on October 17, 2015 to spend four scientific hours with UMD college student "Lab Rats." Teens got a great look at laboratory research and career opportunities.

The day was filled with food and prizes, college readiness tips, campus tours, and student panels. Highlights were the lab demos. Computer Science provided Interactive Tank Coding while Chemistry had “The Leaky Cauldron” experiment for the Harry Potter buffs.

Students took in sessions with names like Freaky Fauna, Glofish Glow, Bugn' Out & Tick Check, Battletank Programming and Witnessing Coral Decay.

There was something for everyone as the departments of biology, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, mathematics and statistics, environmental science, and physics all opened their doors for an inside look at the college experience.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry
Computer Science
Mathematics and Statistics
Earth and Environmental Science

Science Day experiments Science Day experiments
Tiny examinations. Learning about forensic investigation with real examples from the wild.
Science Day experiments Science Day experiments
Shock waves in the physics lab. Feeling the charge from the Static Electricity Ball. Balance and physics.

Photos and text by Communication Intern Hannah Broadbent with Cheryl Reitan, October 2015.

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