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Lu Shaking with UN Secretary General  

Lu Lu shakes hands with U.N. Secretary General Ben Kimoon during a United Nations intern meeting. Lu has been interested in organizations like the United Nations since she was an undergraduate at UMD. She found an internship application on the UN's website, applied, and was offered a Spring 2015 internship at the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Back in Duluth, she is working remotely on a project for a different team at DESA. 


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Radio Transcript

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Narrator Jiaxun Fan: This is Global UMD, presenting you stories about the diverse voices on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus.

Fan: Lu Lu, from China, graduated from UMD in 2014. After receiving her bachelor's degree in statistics, Lu started an online master's degree program in computer science from Georgia Technology Institute. Recently, she just came back to Duluth from her internship at United Nations in New York. From UMD to United Nations, Lu has appreciated her study experience at UMD.

Lu: I was doing web development for DESA, Department of Economic and Social Affairs at the United Nations, so obviously my study at UMD directly helped me with the skills I need to use to finish this internship. And another part, being part of the International Club and being around with people from all around the world; it makes me easier to get along with people from different backgrounds, just like the United Nations.

Fan: According to Lu, being an intern at United Nations was amazing. She said working at the U.N. opened a door that held more opportunities for her.

Lu: The opportunity being there; it opened up to me as an intern is the best part. It's just amazing and to interact with high level people to discuss the current international affairs [that are] going on.

Fan: Like Lu, there are many international students at UMD who had internships around the nation. Yvan Nguetio, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering from Cameroon, is one of them. He is looking forward to going back to his internship this summer and applying what he learned at UMD to the new project.

Nguetio: What I am looking forward this summer is [that] I am going to take material processing classes that are going to be helpful for me.

Fan: As an international student, working in a different business and language atmosphere sometimes can be challenging. Akshay Koppula, a graduate student from India, majors in computer science. He found it hard at first to adapt to the professional working environment in the U.S.

Koppula: It was my first experience, and I didn't know how the work culture will be and how to get accustomed to the work culture, so initially it was difficult for me. Like, manager used to give me tickets; we need to fix those things and then we need to give them for testing. I usually get a lot of complaints from the testers.

Fan: In terms of internships, being an international student doesn't always mean you are a step behind. Jonas Bauer from Germany believes that international students like him have some special qualities that domestic students might not have.

Bauer: Being an international student, you already bring a lot to the table. You are quick to adjust to the new situations.

Fan: If you are looking for internships, here are two suggestions from our international students who had successful internship experiences — "Don't be scared," and "Just apply."

[Students giving suggestions]

"Don't be afraid," "Definitely don't be shy," "Going to the career fairs and giving resumes seems to be helpful," "Don't be hesitate to apply."

Fan: For more episodes of the Global UMD podcast, check UMD news on our homepage. This is Global UMD, and we tell you stories about the many voices on our campus.

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Yvan Jonas Akshay
Yvan Nguetio found his first American internship working with Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) job fair. After UMD, he plans on further study in mechanical engineering at a graduate school.  Jonas Bauer (second from left) was a Summer 2014 intern at Minnesota Department of Transportation in St. Paul. As part of the modeling and testing unit, Bauer worked on multiple projects including noise pollution managing and streams pollution. Geotechnology is his current focus. At an internship fair during Koppula's first semester at UMD, he received an offer to become a junior software developer at Ontario Agricultural Training Institute (OATI) based in Minneapolis. Graduating this May, Koppula is going to Seattle for his new job at Amazon.  

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Podcast and story by Jiaxun Fan. April 2015.

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