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2015–16 UMD Chancellor's Award Recipients Announced

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  Shannon Stevenson  
Viktor Nemykin Shane D. Courtland  

Three UMD faculty are recipients of the Chancellor's Teaching, Research, and Public Service awards for 2015–16. Each will give a special presentation on Tues., Apr. 26 at 2 pm in Kirby Rafters.

Shannon Stevenson, assistant professor in the Department of Biology and the recipient of the 2015–16 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, will give a presentation, entitled "Engaging diverse students with active learning.”

Viktor Nemykin, professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and recipient of the 2015–16 Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Research/Creative Activity, will give a talk entitled “New materials for solar energy conversion, nano-scale electronics, and imaging.”

Shane D. Courtland, assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and recipient of the 2015–16 Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Public Service, will speak about “The Importance of a University's Commitment to Public Outreach.”

A reception will immediately follow the presentations at approximately 3 pm. At that time, the following faculty will also be honored:

Chongwon Park, associate professor, Department of Writing Studies, is the recipient of the 2015–16 Albert Tezla Teacher/Scholar Award.

Dalibor Froncek, professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, is a recipient of the 2015–16 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Advisor Award.

2015–16 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award Recipients:

Wendy Anderson, assistant professor, Department of Social Work
Steve Bardolph, associate professor, Department of Art and Design
Paul Bates, assistant professor, Department of Biology
Krista Sue-Lo Twu, associate professor, Department of English
Lin Xiu, assistant professor, Department of Management Studies

In addition, Brian McInnes, assistant professor, Department of Education, will be honored as the recipient of the Morse-Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award.











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