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Papers published in special issue of American Journal of Botany

Julie Etterson had a series of papers published in an invited special issue of the American Journal of Botany in January 2016. The special issue was entitled “Evolutionary insights from studies of geographic variation: Establishing a baseline and looking to the future.” The issue was based on a symposium organized by the three postdoctoral researchers on Project Baseline (NSF DEB 1142784 to Etterson) at the 2015 annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America. 

Etterson, H. Schneider, postdoc., N. Soper Gorden, postdoc., and J. Weber, postdoc. “Evolutionary insights from studies of geographic variation: Contemporary variation and looking to the future.” American Journal of Botany 103:5-9.

Etterson, S. Franks, S. Mazer, H. Schneider, postdoc., N. Soper Gorden, postdoc., J. Weber, postdoc., R.G. Shaw, K. Winkler, graduate student, and A. Weis.  “Project Baseline, an unprecedented resource to study evolution across space and time.” American Journal of Botany 103:164-173.

Etterson, R.H. Toczydlowski, undergraduate, K.J Winkler, graduate student, J.A. Kirschbaum, graduate student, and T.S. McAulay, graduate student. “Solidago altissima differs with respect to ploidy frequency and clinal variation across the prairie-forest biome border in Minnesota.” American Journal of Botany 103:22-32.

N. Soper Gorden, postdoc., K. Winkler, graduate student, M. Jahnke, graduate student, E. Marshall, undergraduate, J. Horky, undergraduate, C. Huddelson, undergraduate, and Etterson. “Geographic patterns of seed mass are associated with climate factors, but relationships vary between species.” American Journal of Botany 103:60-72.

July 2016

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