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June 29 "Eh? Stuff that truck" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 28 "Your Green Life: "Victus Farm Thriving"" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
June 26 "Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra presents Derek Bromme" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
June 25 "Twin Ports Colleges Spark Internship Opportunities" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
June 23 "UMD students, staff participate in day of service" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 23 "UMD students take second in business challenge fundraiser" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 22 "KUMD named Station of the Year" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 21 "Our view: End of an era at end of marathon" (UMD alumnus recognized) ---Duluth News Tribune
June 20 "Over 1,000 Bulldogs to Run During Grandma's" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
June 18 "In teacher-training review, Greater MN colleges' programs rate better than most" ---MinnPost
June 18 "UMD to offer innovative degree in Cultural Entrepreneurship" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 15 "U of M Board approves tuition freeze" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 14 "U of M regents approve tuition freeze for in-state undergrads"------Duluth News Tribune
June 11 "Former UMD student at forefront of addiction research" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 9 "Families and the essence of our lake capture artist’s heart" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 7 "Duluth Native's Art Featured in Tweed Exhibition"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
June 6 "Best Bets: Labovitz shows layered portraits" ---Duluth News Tribune
June 6 "New Exhibition Features Minn. Artist" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
June 6 "Mental Health First Aid" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
June 4 "Businesses Work to Connect Grads to Northland Job Opportunites" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
June 4 "UMD Ranked Top College for Return on Investment" ---Fox 21 KQDS
June 2 "Nett Lake teens honored for leadership project" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
June 1 "UMD program assists budding teen entrepreneurs" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 31 "Moose research confirms high mortality for calves" ---Minnesota Public Radio
May 31 "Moose researchers see harsh realities of food chain" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 29 "Weber Stream Restoration Initiative wins statewide award" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 28 "Duluth Stream Restoration Efforts Wins Top Environmental Award" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 27 "Column: Moonlight Over Stone" --- Duluth News Tribune Budgeteer
May 24 "Local writers awarded for their efforts at Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 24 "Mike Lalich to Retire from NRRI" --- Almanac North, WDSE
May 24 "Local writers awarded for their efforts at Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 22 "UMD Market Day Kicks Off Despite Rainy Weather " ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
May 22 "UMD Market Day is in Full Bloom" ---Fox 21 KQDS
May 21 "UMD Works Toward Healthier Food Options" ---Fox 21 KQDS
May 21 Crop costs on the rise; warmer Lake Superior affecting big fish - LLO research" ---MinnPost
May 20 "Study of warming Lake Superior finds less habitat for siscowet lakers but more for walleye, salmon" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 19 "Cloquet science students’ research published" with UMD's Jennifer Liang and Brianna Vick ---Duluth News Tribune
May 19 "University of Minnesota Duluth benefactor Mary Ann Weber dies" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 19 "UMD holds commencement at Amsoil" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 18 "Invasive species harm local streams" Sea Grant at Rock Pond ---Duluth News Tribune
May 18 "Racial equity, inclusion still is lacking at UMD, group says" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 18 "UMD graduates first Master of Tribal Administration and Governance class" ---The Bemidji Pioneer
May 17 "Community Members Speak Out About UMD's Policies On Race Initiatives"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 17 "Communities of Color Say There's a 'Proliferation of Racism at UMD' " ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
May 17 "Master’s degree grads to put UMD training to work on reservations" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 17 "Superior native addresses UMD graduates" ---Superior Telegram
May 16 "UMD graduates first cohort of tribal management program"---Minnesota Public Radio
May 16 "Researchers begin collaring Minnesota moose calves" ---St. Cloud Times
May 16 "Making a Difference: Michael Lalich"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 16 "MTAG graduation" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
May 16 "LLO Buoys in Lake Superior" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 15 "DNR collaring moose calves to study, protect species" with NRRI's Ron Moen ---Minnesota Public Radio
May 14 "UMD plans to offer 2 new majors" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 12 "Private homes dominate Duluth preservation awards" UMD's Limnology Building recognized ---Duluth News Tribune
May 9 "Best Bets: UMD presents Haydn’s "The World of the Moon" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 9 "Millennial Migration" --- Fox 21 KQDS
May 9 "UMD Sorority Rallies for "Kidney for Kelsey" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 8 "UMD students pet away final-exam stress" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 8 "UMD Hosts Civil Rights Movement Discussion" ---Fox 21 KQDS
May 8 "UMD Greenhouse Sprouting Seeds" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
May 7 "UMD Students Back #KidneyForKelsey" ---Fox 21 KQDS
May 7 "Eh? UMD sorority raising awareness with #KidneyForKelsey" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 7 "Moose Population Stable near Voyageurs National Park" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 7 "Not Toba's Fault" ---University of Minnesota
May 6 "Student entrepreneurs at University of Minnesota Duluth cashing in" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 5 ""Roots of Rescue" Documentary Premieres in Duluth" ---Fox 21 KQDS
May 3 "Roots of Rescue" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
May 2 "UMD plans redesign of student lounge space" ---Duluth News Tribune
May 1 "UMD scientists douse volcano extinction theory" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 30 "Linda Column: Signs of Ziigwaan" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 30 "Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed'" ---BBC News
April 30 "UMD’s Swenson named a top green building" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 29 "UMD's Student Lounge Gets Makeover" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
April 29 "Ash from the Toba supereruption in Lake Malawi shows no volcanic winter in East Africa at 75 ka" ---Proceedings of the National Acedemy of Sciences
April 27 "Annual Wellness Day Educates Community" ---Fox 21 KQDS
April 26 "Science Friday Kicks Off in Duluth" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 26 "Research Vessel Hosts Science Fridays" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
April 26 "Sumptuous ‘Coriolana’ tells age-old human tale" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 25 "Health Notes: ‘Seven F’s’ author to speak at Wellness Day" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 25 "More UMD students are graduating in five years or less" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 25 "UMD’s Swenson Civil Engineering Building Makes AIA’s Top Ten Green List" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 25 "Best Bets: UMD presents new take on 'Coriolanus'" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 24 "Founders of A&L Properties in Duluth receive Lifetime Achievement award" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 24 "UMD Graduation Rates Rise" ---Fox 21 KQDS
April 24 "UMD Graduation Rates Increase" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 23 "Eh? Submit community photos" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 23 "Spreading the invasive spiny water flea upsets lake ecosystems" ---Great Lakes Echo
April 23 "UMD lecture postponed due to snow" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 21 "United they ran: Boston is remembered, and a race record is set at Fitger's 5K" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 20 "UMD Hosts International Astronomy Activities" ---Fox 21 KQDS
April 20 "Eh?: Take a trip into space" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 18 "Take a hop around Duluth for some good art" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 18 "UMD to hold lecture on Indian treaty rights" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 18 "Health Notes: Cloquet native leads pharmacy school department" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 17 "Students Bring 'H.O.P.E.' to Duluth" ---Fox 21 KQDS
April 17 "UMD Hosts Rape Awareness Workshop" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 17 "Northland Community Wellness Day Promotes Healthy Families" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 17 "UMD Dance Team Wins National Title" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 13 "U finds cancer risk grows with years on taconite job" ---Star Tribune
April 13 "Study confirms link between mesothelioma, taconite" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 12 "Findings of study on possible link between taconite mines, cancer to be released today" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 12 "Iron Range miners, families await report on respiratory diseases, including mesothelioma" ---Minnesota Public Radio
April 12 "Timeline of mesothelioma research" ---Minnesota Public Radio
April 12 "Study: Cancer, work in taconite industry linked" ---Minnesota Public Radio
April 12 "Time a factor with mesothelioma"
April 12 "Iron Range: U study finds higher risk of rare cancer, but no proof that taconite dust causes it" ---Pioneer Press
April 12 "Researchers Confirm Link Between Time Spent in Taconite Mines, Risk of Mesothelioma" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 12 "Findings Mixed in Iron Range Lung Cancer Study" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
April 10 "Eh? Career talk" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 10 "UMD business school announces new dean" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 9 "Eh? Help homeless connect" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 9 "Panel Discussion Talks Mining" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 9 "Hundreds at UMD Hall for Copper & Nickel Mining Discussion" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
April 8 "With Cancer Beaten Twice, Bauman Back on Field" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 8 "UMD Student Meets The Iron Lady" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 7 "Students meet Nolan during service trip" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 6 "UMD event to include supporters, skeptics of copper mining" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 6 "UMD’s Miller gives Russia some hockey help" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 4 "UMD's Miller Working with Former NHLer Yashin" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 4 "UMD Celebrates World Water Day" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 4 "UMD Tells Students How to Report Discrimination" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
April 4 "UMD selects Berlo as new athletic director" ---Duluth News Tribunes
April 3 "UMD Announces New A.D." ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
April 3 "Canadian health system discussed tonight in UMD Alworth lecture " ---Duluth News Tribune
April 3 "UMD Taps Notre Dame's Berlo as New AD" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 3 "Two Professors Commit to Cancer Prevention Research" ---Fox 21 KQDS
April 2 "UMD Hosts Gun Violence Panel Discussion" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 2 "Eh? UMD’s big lure" ---Duluth News Tribune
April 2 "New dean of UMD College of Education, Human Service Professions chosen" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 29 "UMD researcher takes aim at Antarctica’s deepest ice" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 29 "UMD Celebrates African Culture With Music" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 28 "Duluth Students Speak Up About The Budget" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 27 "UMD Prepares for 5 Day Shades of Africa Music Festival" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 26 "KUMD Gets Ready for National TV" ---Fox 21 KQDS
Mar 26 "KUMD Hits the National Airwaves " ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 26 "KUMD, Student DJs to Appear on MTVu" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 26 "Iron Range's copper-nickel mining poses opportunity and possible threat" ---Minnesota Public Radio
Mar 26 "Faces & Names: UMD students get surprise Nolan visit" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 26 "KUMD radio station hosts Top 10 countdown for MTV affiliate" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 26 "UMD Presents 'How I Learned to Drive'" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 22 "Duluth radio station gets national exposure" --- TWIN CITIES.COM
Mar 21 "Students Head to Mexico to Provide Free Health Screenings" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 21 "MTV wants their Duluth radio" --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
Mar 21 "Your Green Life:"Cleaning Up Oil" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 21 "Health Notes: University of Minnesota ranks fifth for rural medicine" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 21 "A&E Notes: See KUMD on mtvU" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 20 "The Twin Ports' answer to South by Southwest?" ---Duluth News Tribune
Mar 19 "Twin Ports Arts Aliance: Fostering a Growing Arts Community" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 17 "Student History Buffs Square Off at UMD" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 17 "Junior historians make their case in History Day competition" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 16 "Minn. Top Earners See Higher Taxes in New Budget" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 16 "Duluth gets first electric car-charging station at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 16 "Discovery of stink bug in Duluth may mean problems for Northland homes, crops" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 15 "Electric Cars Can 'Fuel Up' at UMD" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 15 "Asian Stink Bug Found in Duluth " --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 15 "Former Bulldog football player among people stranded on Carnival cruise ship" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 15 "Run Smelt Run Parade; How You Can Get Reel Creative" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 15 "Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Detected in Duluth (With Photos)" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 14 "Making a Difference: Dr. Anika Hartz" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 14 "Best Bets: UMD presents Pulitzer Prize-winning play" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 14 "Lawmakers hold UMD meeting on state budget" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 13 "Finding Matches, Saving Lives" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 13 "Minnesota's Transportation Issues of the 21st Century" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 12 "3D Technology Transforms the Printing Process" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 12 "Eh? Have marrow, will donate" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 11 "Locally grown food moving mainstream in Northland" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 10 "Poll Finds Minimum Wage Hike Support" Professor Ann Markusen, UMD economist, comments. --- KMSP-TV
Mar 10 "Locally grown food moving mainstream in northeast Minnesota" --- Grand Forks Herald
Mar 9 "Duluth civic leaders get the robotics bug " --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 7 "'Bulldog Day' at the Capitol" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Mar 6 "Duluth could build new fire hall at Woodland and Snively" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 5 "Residents debate location for new UMD-Woodland fire station" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 5 "Fire Hall Could be Coming to Snively Road Neighborhood" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Mar 4 "UMD Given 5th LEED Certification" --- Fox 21 KQDS
Mar 2 "Husband-wife team conducts ambitious brain research at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 2 "Column: The snow day frybread makers"--- Duluth News Tribune
Mar 1 "Dancing Against Cancer "--- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 28 "Health Notes: Pharmacy college earns notice"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 28 "Documentary explores gay history in Twin Ports"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 26 "UMD Taking Next Step Against Racism" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 26 "High School Students Learn Toothpick Engineering "--- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 26 "Eh?: Ness to address political zoo"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 26 "University of Minnesota Duluth unveils plan for grand entrances"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 25 "UMD Looks to Expand over Next 20 Years"--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 24 "Artists with disabilities showcase work at UMD exhibit"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 23 "Shortfall means shift in UMD money to pay for graduate teaching assistants"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 22 "Dean of UMD’s Labovitz School of Business and Economics to retire"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 22 "UMD holds second forum to discuss racism on campus"--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 21 "Your Green Life: "UMD's Civil Engineering Building"--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 20 "Retiring UMD Dean Leaves Legacy"--- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 19 "Project seeks ‘recipe’ to improve wood products--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 19 "Changing Fish in Northland Waters: Part Two--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 19 " Changing Fish in Northland Waters--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 19 " Updates in Thermal Wood Processing to Bring Jobs to the Region--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 19 " UMD Plans for Leaner Administration, Less Centralized Budget--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 16 " Duluthian publishes book about fight for black voting rights UMD associate director co-writes book --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 15 " UMD to host talks about civil rights movement--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 14 "Applause for Feb. 13, 2013 Kennedy Center honors UMD theatre students --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 14 "Northland roar heard across state capital Champ and UMD delgation present --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 13 "Duluth delegation celebrates flood response at Capitol UMD supports reduced tuition hikes--- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 12 "Minnesota Duluth begins search for new athletic director --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 11 "Tales From the Bad Years"- UMD Theatre news --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 11 "Chancellor's view: UMD committed to keeping tuition affordable --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 11 "UMD Starts National Search for Athletic Director --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 11 "Big Jig ice fishing contest draws crowd to Pike Lake --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 10 "Duluth's snow-angel record attempt falls short (with video) --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 10 "Lalich to retire as director of NRRI --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 10 "Sojourner traveled a perilous road for freedom - UMD associate director co-writes book --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 9 "Snow Angels for a Cause (With Photos) --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 9 "Duluth eighth-graders check out UMD --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 8 "Voyageurs National Park to Collar Moose and Wolves --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 6 "UMD Student Makes Difference in Program After Life-Changing Accident --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Feb 6 "UMD Study: Mining Expansion Could Support 15,500 Workers --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 6 "Big bucks from rocks: Study shows Minnesota mining impact, potential" --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 6 "New UMD Study on Impact of Mining" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 5 "Snow Angel Record-Breaking Attempt Coming to UMD " --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Feb 4 "Two Harbors startup hopes to develop products from birch-bark waste" --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 4 "Column: The gift and privilege of parenting" --- Duluth News Tribune Budgeteer
Feb 4 "UMD’s multicultural hall brings education to dorm" --- Duluth News Tribune
Feb 1 "Nordic-American cultural exchange through art" --- In Sea
Jan 29 " A Greener Clean--- Enterprise Minnesota Magazine
Jan 29 "Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Fundraiser " --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Jan 29 "Robotics on a roll in Minnesota schools" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 29 "Eh? Coffee with cops at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 27 "Snow angels for a cause" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 27 "Photography fuels UMD scholarship fund" ---Duluth News Tribune
Jan 27 "Eat carbs to help end violence against women" ---Duluth News Tribune
Jan 24 "NRRI Adjusts Mineral Leadership --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Jan 24 "Your Green Life: "Biking to Campus"" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 24 "Union Membership Down in Minnesota, Wisconsin" UMD's Bureau of Business and Economic Research and the economy --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 22 "Birch Bark Benefits" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Jan 22 "NRRI Adjusts Mineral Leadership" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Jan 22 "Eh? 5 million for U-Pass" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 21 "UMD Cautioning Students of the Flu As Classes Resume" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 21 "U-PASS Program Anticipates 5 Millionth Milestone" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 20 "My Antonia and Willa Cather" --- CBC Radio
Jan 19 "UMD to hold civil engineering career fair on Jan 28-29" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 18 "If you go: Lincoln Park food meeting" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 17 " Study: Fond du Lac Band Pumps $305 Million Into Minnesota Economy" ---Indian Country
Jan 17 "UMD Cautioning Students of the Flu As Classes Resume" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 17 "UMD students urged to stay flu free" --- Fox 21 KQDS
Jan 17 "Little harmony on Minnesota wild rice sulfate study" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 15 "Guinness world record for snow angels to be challenged in Duluth" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 15 "Duluth fifth-graders develop official school forest" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 15 "University of Minnesota Duluth radio puts show on ice to get town on map" --- Grand Forks Herald, Duluth News Tribune
Jan 13 " Legislative notebook: University of Minnesota president says progress made in administration cuts" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 13 ""Confluence/Confluencia' opens Jan 17 at Duluth Art Institute" UMD art and design faculty member's art in exhibit --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 11 "KUMD to Host MTV U's "College Radio Countdown"--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 11 "UMD Students Hope to Nab National Attention with Movie" ---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Jan 10 "UMD: Retail Marketing Analytics, Brian Kobilka-2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Karen Gran, page 64. Mike Lalich, page 68." --- Duluthian
Jan 7 "Discussion Possible for Off-Year Minnesota Bonding Bill" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 7 "UMD to Host Famous Political Satirist" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Jan 7 "Duluth-area students learn about robotics challenge" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 6 "When Grandma takes a handicapped parking spot" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 6 "For political satirist Russell, events of 2012 were just too good for retirement" --- Duluth News Tribune
Jan 2 "Continuing education at UMD offers a sustainable opportunity" --- Duluth News Tribune

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