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Updated weekly.
Note: payment is requested on some sites for archived stories.
Dec. 28 "Mayor's race shaping up as a wild scramble" UMD prof , Tony Hill comments ---Minneapolis Star Tribune
Dec. 27 "Our view: Moose protection makes much sense"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 26 "Stromme Already Comfortable in New AD Role"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 26 "New UMD Coach Wiese Hopes to Keep Staff"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 22 "UMD promotes Wiese to head football coach"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 22 "Minnesota is missing its moose"---Los Angeles Times
Dec. 21 "VIDEO: Wiese is Nielson's Successor as UMD Coach"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 21 "VIDEO: Stromme Named Interim UMD Athletic Director"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 21 "Winter solstice event set for tonight at UMD planetarium"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 21 "Movin' on up: Wiese promoted to head football coach at UMD; Stromme named interim AD"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 20 "It's official: Nielson leaves UMD for Western Illinois"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 20 "Nielson Leaving UMD to Coach Western Illinois"---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Dec. 19 "Reaction to Bob Nielson's Hiring at Western Illinois."---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Dec. 19 "VIDEO: Reaction to Nielson's Hiring at WIU"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 19 "OFFICIAL: UMD's Nielson Takes WIU Job"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 19 "Nielson leaving UMD football to take helm at Western Illinois"---Minneapolis Star Tribune
Dec. 19 "On campus beat: Distinct brands for two U campuses"---Minneapolis Star Tribune
Dec. 18 "Column: 'The Christmas Coat,' an endearing children's book"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 17 "Column: Proposed copper-nickel mining poses risk to wild rice future"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 17 "Northlanders Pay Tribute to CT Shooting Victims"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 16 "Local view: Because of social media, what once was private can alter lives"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 16 "Local view: Social media overdose can be deadly"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 16 "Engineering exec honored by UMD"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 15 "Celebrating the principles of Kwanzaa"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 13 "University regents won\92t review Raymond\92s case"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 12 "Raymond Name-Clearing Hearing Request Denied"---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Dec. 10 "UMD's Derek Bromme on Tour with Lorie Line"---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Dec. 9 "Our view: Unite against hate"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 7 "Minnesota student group pushes high-speed rail"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 6 "Solving an African problem, right here in Duluth"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 4 "UMD's Nielson Among 5 Coach of the Year Finalists"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 4 "UMD Hosts Racism Discussion Following Controversial Video"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 4 "UMD students, faculty gather to discuss racist incidents"---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 3 "Racial Tensions Grow in 2012"---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Dec. 2 "UMD researcher receives water-sustainability grant "---Duluth News Tribune
Dec. 1 "U of M December Starwatch: Jupiter Steals the Show"---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Dec. 1 "Best Bets:UMD professor brings perspective to end-of-life questions"---Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 29 "Duluth Debuts as Top College Destination"---WDIO-TV (ABC)
Nov. 29 "Twin Ports named one of best areas for college students"---Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 29 "Best Bets: UMD Theater presents "It\92s a Wonderful Life" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 29 "UMD student involved in video incident inquires about joining NAACP" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 28

It's a Wonderful Life at UMD --- WDIO-TV (ABC)

Nov. 26 "Special sensors allow fish to dart away from potential theats at the last moment" --- Washington Post
Nov. 26 "McHale missed, mourned by UMD classmates" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 25 "Robin Washington: An invitation to get past the hurt of racist video" ---Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 23 "University of Minnesota Duluth branding highlights unique identity" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 23 "Raymond wants hearing with U of M Board of Regents" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 22 "Racist video surfaces in UMD community" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 22 "Duluth's image problem" --- Minnesota Public Radio
Nov. 21 "Labovitz School of Business and Economics Awards Scholarships" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Nov. 21 "Surveyors scope Glensheen for damage from June flood" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 20 "Environmental Concerns Surround Non-Ferrous Mining" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Nov. 20 "Rukavina's feisty career ends on a laugh" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 17 "Our view: Lynch mob comparison offensive, inappropriate" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 15 "Retraction: News Tribune misstated Raymond complaint" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 14 "Lawyer compares UMD fitness instructor's critics to lynch mob" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 13 "Tasting Event to Spotlight Lake Superior Fish & Fish Bus to the Event" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Nov. 12 "Column: Maawadishii-wewin: UMD hosting American Indian Studies open house "Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
Nov. 12 "UMD project faces cold hard facts" --- Finance and Commerce
Nov. 9 "Kennedy Packs Full House on Environmental Advocacy" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Nov. 9 "It's Water Week at UMD; Sustainability a Key Concern" --- Fox 21 KQDS
Nov. 9 " Expo offers information on money, housing, education" UMD co-sponsor, --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 9 "Our view: First-of-its-kind expo a can’t-miss" UMD co-sponsors community event --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 8 " Environmental attorney RFK Jr. to speak at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 8 "Health Notes: Facing the end of life" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 7 "Minn. Makes History, Votes No on Marriage Amendment" UMD students express views --- Fox 21 KQDS
Nov. 5 " Ex-UMD Official: Recommended Firing Raymond, Was Demoted" --- Duluth News Tribune
Nov. 4 "UMD investigates two new complaints against Raymond" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 31 " Sexual Assault - Out of the Shadows Part I" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Oct. 31 "Clinton stumps in MN and Duluth" --- Minnesota Public Radio
Oct. 31 "Clinton energizes crowd at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 30 "Clinton stumps for Obama in Minnesota as election draws near" --- Minnesota Public Radio
Oct. 30 "Former Pres. Bill Clinton Rallies in Duluth" --- Fox 21 KQDS
Oct. 30 "President Bill Clinton Rallies Voters in "Bulldog Country," on UMD Campus" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 30 " Clinton Speaks in Duluth" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Oct. 30 "Clinton to rev up Democrats at Duluth rally" ---Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 29 "Former President Bill Clinton will Visit Duluth Tuesday" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 29 "Former Pres. Bill Clinton to Visit Duluth" --- Fox 21 KQDS
Oct. 25 "UMD Holds Diversity Forum" --- Fox 21 KQDS
Oct. 25 "Moving Past Racism: UMD Promoting Diversity" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Oct. 25 "Health Notes: Grant targets mental health" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 25 "Officials gather for belated groundbreaking of new development at former Woodland Middle School" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 24 "Eh? Hooray for food" Food Day at UMD --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 24 "Engaging UMD Students in "Gotta Vote" Effort" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 22 "Marriage Amendment is Personal for UMD Hockey Coach" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Oct. 22 "Grant will help UMD recruit grad students in social work" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 22 "Maurices donates $50,000 to UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 22 "Federal reserve bank president to speak at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 20 "Duluth medical school receives record $1.6 million gift" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 19 "UMD Medical School Receives Largest Donation Ever" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
Oct. 18 "Oct. 2012 Featured Member: University of Minnesota Duluth Alumnus is Nobel Laureate" --- News from the American Association of State Colleges and Universites
Oct. 16 "New Streets Signs At UMD" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 16 "Eh? Street signs of gold \85 and maroon" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 15 "$400,000 Grant to Prevent Invasives from Spreading in the Great Lakes" ---Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 14 "On the verge of World War III: A personal account of the Cuban Missile Crisis" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 14 "Conference at UMD explores silica sand" --- Winona Daily News
Oct. 14 "Column: 40 Years of American Indian Studies at UMD" Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
Oct. 11 "On game show, UMD engineer knew just the right price" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 11 "Nobel Prize winner was gifted UMD student" --- The Bemidji Pioneer
Oct. 11 "Little Falls bakery helps deliver a sweet reward: Nobel Prize" --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
Oct. 10 "Colleagues share thoughts about Kobilka's Nobel Prize (with UMD's Conrad Firling)" --- Stanford Medicine
Oct. 10 "UMD Graduate Receives Nobel Prize" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 10 "UMD Alum Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
Oct. 10 "Nobel Prize winner's UMD profs recall gifted student-researcher" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 10 "2 American Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Chemistry" --- The New York Times
Oct. 10 "Nobel prize in chemistry: Brian Kobilka reacts to honour" (video) --- The Guardian, UK
Oct. 10 "Americans Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka win 2012 Nobel Prize in chemistry " --- St. Paul Pioneer Press
Oct. 10 "US chemists win Nobel for study of protein receptors
Research by Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka is key to developing better drugs
" --- NBC News
Oct. 10 "Minnesota native, UMD grad shares Nobel Prize in chemistry" --- St. Paul Pioneer Press
Oct. 10 "Little Falls Native Wins Nobel Chemistry Prize" --- WJON-Little Falls
Oct. 10 "UMD Graduate Receives Nobel Prize" --- MSNBC
Oct. 10 "Nobel chemistry winner credits UMD years" --- Minnesota Public Radio
Oct. 10 "Nobel winner a UMD grad who grew up a baker's son in Little Falls" --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
Oct. 10 "Nobel winner a UMD grad who grew up in Little Falls" --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
Oct. 10 "University of Minnesota Duluth graduate wins Nobel Prize" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 9 "Art Against Domestic Violence" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
Oct. 8 "Candidates duke it out in MN's 8th Congressional Dist." --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 7 "Local view: Film reaction wasn\92t proper response of good Muslims" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 6 "Panel debates ethics of Minnesota wolf hunt" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 5 "UMD Launches Campus Climate Website" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Oct. 4 "Scripted answers not enough to sway undecided voters" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 3 "Eh? Debate-watching party at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Oct. 1 "Frac Sand Industry Protest" --- DKSTP
Sept. 30 "Many paths lead to medical school in Duluth" --- Duluth News Tribune
Sept. 27 "Right person, wrong body: UMD lecture shows bodies in transition" --- Duluth News Tribune
Sept. 26 "Transgender photographer to speak at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Sept. 19 "Local view: Move-In Weekend improving for students and neighbors" --- Duluth News Tribune
Sept. 17 "University of Minnesota-Duluth courts controversy for hosting transgender photography" --- New York Daily News
Sept. 16 "Minnesota university books photo exhibit of trangender man's metamorphosis" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
Sept. 15 "Eh? Honors for University of Minnesota Duluth, Northland College" ---Duluth News Tribune
Sept. 13 " Green Party presidential candidate speaks at UMD" --- Duluth News Tribune
Sept. 12 " UMD Unveils Slick, New Bookstore with Gadgets" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
Sept. 11 " 'The Cabin' at The Play Ground" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
Sept. 5 "Survey: Hundreds of Sexual Assaults Unreported on UMD's Campus" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
Sept. 2 "Part 1: College Tuition Costs on the Rise" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS) (aired Aug 29)
Sept. 2 "Part 2: College Tuition Costs on the Rise" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS) (aired Aug 30)
Sept. 1 "UMD Statesman Reporters Shed Light on Sexual Assaults" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
Sept. 1 "New freshmen get a taste of sustainable agriculture on tour of UMD farm" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 31 "Rape and the college campus" --- Minnesota Public Radio
August 31 "UMD students put a positive spin on moving in" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 30 "Our View: Let college students know they’re valued, welcomed" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 28 "Extra Law Enforcement for UMD's Move in Weekend"--- Fox 21 KQDS News
August 28 "Duluth Police Recieve Grant for Increased Enforcement Over UMD Move in Weekend"--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
August 28 "More Police on Patrol for UMD Move-In Weekend"--- WDIO-TV (ABC)
August 28 "Duluth, UMD police ready for students' arrivals" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 26 "Who cares about wild rice study? Let\92s start with the mining industry" UMD professor studies connection between sulfite levels and wild rice --- Duluth News Tribune || Inforum
August 23 "UMD professor emeritus among featured artists in 12’12’12 project at Minnesota State Fair" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 22 "UMD Marching Band Preps for State Fair" --- FOX 21 KQDS News
August 22 "UMD: Showing off its Green Thumb" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
August 13 "CUDA Spotlight: Pete Willemsen" --- NVIDIA News (Visual computing technology)
August 12 " Student Spends summer as congressional intern" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 12 "UMD’s Bagley Classroom named one of top ‘green’ projects nationwide" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 10 "Robots to spend winter under the ice in Lake Superior" --- Michigan Public Radio
August 10 "Marketplace Tech Report - Robot Roundup" --- American Public Media
August 8 "UMD Large Lakes Observatory Plants Robot-like Innovation in Lake Superior" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
August 7 "After flood turned Lake Superior color of Tang, Duluth researchers plan in-depth study" --- Inforum
August 7 "UMD to install data devices beneath Lake Superior" --- Sacramento Bee
August 7 "University of Minnesota Duluth: Lake Superior data devices installed" --- St. Paul Pioneer Press
August 7 "Robot divers to report on Lake Superior's depths" --- Minnesota Public Radio
August 7 "UMD to measure flood’s effects on Lake Superior" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 6 "Crew Members Show off Research Ship to Minn. Leaders" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
August 2 "Freshman Numbers Falling at University of Minnesota Duluth" --- Duluth News Tribune
August 1 "A New Study Says: "When It Rains, It Pours" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
July 29 "Cloquet students earn state research honors" --- Duluth News Tribune
July 25 "Swimming anyone? Lake Superior water temps warmest in a century" --- Minnesota Public Radio
July 25 "UMD Stores Grow Community Relations with Weekly Farmer’s Market" --- Forword Online - MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.
July 23 "Silver Bay eco-park to pioneer sustainable cycle of industries" --- Duluth News Tribune
July 23 "Our view: We\92re a college town, finally embracing it" --- Duluth News Tribune
July 21 "University of Minnesota reform needs work" --- Duluth News Tribune
July 19 "Chancellor Black, Mayor Ness Discuss Connections Between City, Businesses, College" --- KBJR-TV 6, Northland News Center (NBC, CBS)
July 18 "President Abraham Lincoln discusses the Morrill Act of 1862" --- KUMD 103.3FM
July 18 "A UMD Celebration \97 150 Years In The Making" --- WDIO-TV (ABC)
July 18 "UMD Biology Students: What Controls Wild Rice Growth?" --- FOX 21 KQDS News
July 17 "July on pace to break record as hottest in Northland" --- Duluth News Tribune
July 16 "John Arthur Named Faculty Fellow" --- Duluth News Tribune
July 11 "U of M tightens executive transition policies" --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
July 5 "What do researchers hope to learn from more than 2,500 pounds of rocks collected in Antarctica?" UMD's John Goodge is featured --- Science Nation
July 5 "What could cause the Antarctic ice sheets to melt?" UMD's John Goodge is featured --- Science Nation
July 4 "UMD drops support for Un-Fair Campaign" --- Duluth News Tribune
--- WDIO-TV | --- Pioneer Press
July 4 "Technology Makes Sifting Through Background Noise Easier"--- WDIO-TV (ABC)
July 2 "Group calls for more cooperation in campaign against racism" --- Duluth News Tribune
June 29 "Mud, Sand from Floods Spreading into Lake Superior" Report on Lake Superior water samples 100 feet deep --- KSTP-5 TV (ABC). St. Cloud Times
June 28 "UMD hires Duluth lieutenant to lead campus police" --- Duluth News Tribune
June 28 "Un-Fair Billboard Defaced" --- Duluth News Tribune
June 28 "Flood's mud clouds Lake Superior" Large Lakes Observatory's Austin-Minor comments --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
June 28 "University Sponsors Controversial Race Campaign" --- KSTP-5 TV (ABC)
June 27 "Memory, creative living and fun in crocheting rags" Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
June 26 "Un-Fair Campaign’s partner UMD calls new video campaign 'divisive'" --- Duluth News Tribune
June 26 "UMD partners with Scott D. Anderson Leadership Forum" --- Duluth News Tribune
June 23 "Hotdish politics: Loan rate deadline looms large for colleges" UMD Chancellor Black in Washington D.C. --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
June 22 "Two U leaders to mark Morrill Act in D.C." --- Minneapolis Star Tribune
June 22 "Anti-racism campaign called 'racist' by critics" --- Fox 21 KQDS News
June 22 "Flood makes lake even more Superior"
Large Lakes Observatory Report --- Minnesota Public Radio
June 20 "Torrential Rain Forces Evacuations in Duluth" UMD Closes on June 20 ---
June 19 "UMD Graduates Rescue Alabama Puppies" --- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
June 18 "Science Nation - Large Lake Observatory" The Large Lakes Observatory helps an interdisciplinary group of scientists use oceanographic research --- NSF Science Nation
June 18 "Duluth's Labovitz school creates jobs to help graduate students pay tuition"--- Duluth News Tribune
June 15 "Greater Downtown Council Event Covers UMD's Ties to Community" --- Duluth News Tribune
June 8 "Erik Brown: A Life Aquatic" --- Fulbright Canada blog
June 7 "University of Minnesota breaks down yearly education costs" --- Pioneer Press
June 5 "Duluth hockey legend Dick Stewart dies at 92" --- Duluth News Tribune
May 27 "Northland students perform well at national science fair" UMD faculty and students assist high school students to attend American Indian Science and Engineering Fair --- Duluth News Tribune
May 26 "Column: The celebrities of the Biography Museum" Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
May 25 "UMD names vice chancellor for finance" --- Duluth News Tribune
May 24 "UMD Students: We're Getting Jobs!" ---FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth
May 23 "Lake Superior beach bacteria testing set to start next week" --- Duluth News Tribune
May 20 "As understanding of autism increases, so does the number of children diagnosed" --- Duluth News Tribune
May 17 "UMD Students Meet With Senator Klobuchar to Talk Tuition"
--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 17 "Book Awards announced at UMD" UMD alumni/faculty receive NEMBA awards --- Duluth News Tribune
May 16 "Music with Minnesotans: John Pastor" Professor of Biology's love for music --- Minnesota Public Radio
May 16 "Column: To learn from children’s stories" Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
May 14 "Biz Buzz for May 14, 2012" UMD Faculty Awards --- Duluth News Tribune
May 13 "College debt load rising, but some graduates work to avoid it" UMD Faculty Awards --- Duluth News Tribune
May 12 "UMD awards degrees to its first group of civil engineering students" --- Duluth News Tribune
May 11 "UMD Adds Gender Neutral Restrooms" --- WDIO-TV
May 9 "Duluth researcher seeks cause for link between quitting smoking, high sensitivity to pain" --- Duluth News Tribune
May 8 "Smokers Wanted: University of Minnesota Medical School Studying the Stress of Smoking"
--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
May 5 "Pro/con: Was Holocaust event at UMD anti-Catholic? --- Pro"
--- Duluth News Tribune
May 5 "Pro/con: Was Holocaust event at UMD anti-Catholic? --- Con"
--- Duluth News Tribune
May 4 "UMD students demonstrate loan burden with matchsticks"
--- Duluth News Tribune
May 1 "Sustainable: Underneath Minnesota, abundant energy goes untapped" --- Finance and Commerce
April 30 "Big Money on Campus"
April 27 "UMD, dinner theater to share the stage for students"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 27 "Chanhassen Dinner Theatres and UMD Announce Educational and Professional Alliance "
---Broadway World, Minneapolis
April 27 "UMD Partners With Chanhassen Dinner Theater"
---FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth
April 27 "Northland Hyped for Homegrown Music Festival" KUMD supports festival.
--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 26 "Chancellor's view: Legislative funding of university system is woefully inadequate"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 23 "Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Awards honor Northland's business people"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 23 "Cafeterias line up for local farmers' food"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 23 "Food Hub Begins Connecting Institutions, Local Food Suppliers"
--- Food Management Magazine
April 20 "Three DFLers debate in Duluth to challenge Cravaack"
-UMD students comment _-- Minnesota Public Radio
April 20 "UMD troupe turns Woodland stage into a classroom"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 18 "Faces & Names: UMD student’s opera performance airs today""
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 16 "2012 Schubert Club Student Scholarship Winners"
Sarah Knott, UMD student opera singer featured --- Minnesota Public Radio
April 14 "Fond du Lac lacrosse camp nets big teammate"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 14 "Top Honorary Degree Recipients: Who has received over 100 honorary degrees? Billie Taylor, UMD" --- ABC News (photo by Brett Groehler)
April 13 "U of M, Fond Du Lac Partner for Lacrosse Camp"
--- ---FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth
April 12 "Dayton Honors NCAA Hockey Champs UMD Bulldogs"
--- CBS Minnesota
April 12 "What is America? UMD events seek campus answers"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 11 "MPR News Primer: Copper-nickel mining"--- Minnesota Public Radio
April 11 "Duluth not welcoming, young transplants looking for work say"
--- Minnesota Public Radio
April 10 "Catholics object to pope's portrayal in UMD's Holocaust play"
--- Duluth News Tribune --- St. Paul Pioneer Press
April 10 "Minn. college's play called anti-Catholic" --- United Press International
April 6 "Duluth's Jack Connolly wins Hobey Baker award"
--- KARE 11 TV, Minneapolis-St.Paul
April 4 "UMD Now Home of First Student Chapt. of Financial Planning Association"
--- Northland's NewsCenter (NBC, CBS)
April 3 "Duluth chemistry class dives in pool for the sake of science"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 3 "Forum at UMD covers future of coal-fired electricity"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 3 "Study finds Minnesota's geothermal energy potential is greater than previously thought" --- MinnPost
April 2 "Duluth writer Joseph Maiolo’s book tells of his ‘Turkish Missile Crisis"
--- Duluth News Tribune
April 1 "Who Thinks About Frozen Lakes in the Summer" Large Lakes Observatory Research. --- NSF Highlights: SEE Innovation
March 31 "Four-year-old’s evening with the ‘big girls’ continues warmth of long family tradition" Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
March 30 "Study finds Minnesota's geothermal energy potential is greater than previously thought" --- Duluth News Tribune | | Geothermal Study MinnPost
March 28 "UMD Bulldog Day at the Capitol'" ---WDIO-TV
March 28 "UMD Students Learn to Make an 'App for That'" Students create German Grammar App. ---FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth
March 28 "Proposed mine would be Minnesota's largest" UMD's Jim Miller on Twin Metals. --- Minnesota Public Radio
March 27 "Geologists revise state's potential for geothermal energy" Study by NRRI's Don Fosnacht. --- Minnesota Public Radio
March 26 "Warm Weather Setting Off Invasion of Bugs" UMD's Timothy Craig
--- FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth
March 23 "Mining industry predicts worker shortage" faculty member quoted
--- Minneapolis Star Tribune
March 23 "‘Hunger Games’ hits bull’s-eye with fans of dystopian fantasy" UMD students interviewed ---Duluth News Tribune
March /April "The Ups and Downs of Forest Birds" by Gerald Niemi, UMD NRRI
--- Minnesota Conservation Volunteer
March 20 "Employers ask job applicants for their Facebook passwords" UMD faculty member comments. --- Duluth News Tribune
March 20 "UMD NRRI Scientist Visits White House"
March 19 "Workshop offered on how small businesses can get federal money"
--- Duluth News Tribune
March 19 "Language preservation helps American Indian students stick with college"
--- Sacramento Bee
March 19 "Could this be the site of Duluth’s next hot spot?"
--- Duluth News Tribune
March 18 "President's View: If you believe in the University of Minnesota, tell your lawmakers" --- Duluth News Tribune
March 13 "Might University of Minnesota go to a year-round calendar?"
--- Duluth News Tribune
March 13 "Minnesota bill cuts environmental review for Magnetation plant"
--- Duluth News Tribune
March 4 "Minnesota on the mend: Recent economic data point to durable recovery"
--- Quotes from UMD's Jim Skurla. St. Paul Pioneer Press
March 4 "Native American Barbie professors"
Essay by Linda LeGarde Grover. --- Duluth Budgeteer
March 3 "The Science of Ice"
--- Story on UMD's John Goodge. Pyxis Magazine
March 1 "UMD Students Study Taxes, File Returns for Free"
--- FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth

February 27 "U execs are paid handsomely on their way out"
--- Minneapolis Star Tribune
February 24 "UMD ‘grand entrance’ could help Woodland development"
--- Duluth News Tribune
February 24 "Dozens Sign Online Pledge Against Racist Cheers At UMD"
February 23 "Free-market energy guru to speak today at UMD"
--- Duluth News Tribune
February 23 "Art Hounds: The Pines, Kruse & Niemi, and a budding gallery district in Duluth" --- Minnesota Public Radio
February 23 "Great Lake Voyage" Large Lakes Observatory
--- Science Museum of Minnesota Buzz
February 14 "Distance complicates, impedes healthy diets"
--- Minnesota Public Radio
February 14 "Food Deserts Causing a Drought of Healthy Food"
--- Northland Newscenter
February 13 "Lake Kivu gas: Turning an explosion risk into a power source"
--- BBC News Magazine
February 9 "UMD Launches New Indigenous Doctorate Program"
--- FOX 21 KQDS Duluth
February 9 "The New York Times' First Cruise Sets Sail In October" UMD's William Payne will present seminars. --- Forbes Magazine
January 31 "U of M President Kaler Visits Duluth"
--- WDIO
January 24 "Coalition Announces Anti-racism Campaign"
--- Duluth News Tribune
January 8 "U of M regents approve Duluth American Indian Center"
--- Forum Communication
January 9 "Economist shares mostly good news with Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce"
--- Duluth News Tribune
January 4 "UMD Students Explore Education Overseas"
--- FOX 21 KQDS, Duluth
January 4 "Chippewa tribe to support proposed UMD resource center"
--- MinnPost
January 1 "Daughter uses 'blood money' for peace scholarship"
--- Scripps, Minneapolis Star Tribune
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