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 Getting Publicity for UMD Events and News

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These resources will help your department or program get publicity for campus events and news.

Enter your open to the public event on the online UMD Events Calendar. Follow the simple instructions. Post your event on the online UMD Events Calendar, before you send a Business Announce e-mail. Calendar events that are open to the public now appear on the UMD Homepage.

2) BUSINESS ANNOUNCE (mass e-mail):
After you have posted the event to the online UMD Events Calendar, you can send one early email notice and one email notice just before the event to the campus, via To subscribe, see "E-mail lists." Be sure you read the guide for these announcements and be courteous. The Campus Web Committee gets complaints about multiple e-mails, errors on e-mail, and inappropriate messages.

Your department has its own following of people. Make sure your own events and news items are up-to-date on your department web page and social media pages, such as facebook and twitter. Use the UMD Web Templates to design your pages. When making web pages, it is important to be familiar with UM policies and UMD policies.

For many events, the department or program can send out their own news release. Make sure you also send a copy to External Affairs. The UMD Communicators Council and External Affairs maintain a list of Media Contacts for use by departments when sending news releases. For examples of news releases, see the News Release page.

External Affairs can help with news releases if your event or program is of interest to a large public audience. Before they can help you, all these steps should be in process: posting the event to the online UMD Events Calendar, sending a UMD Business Announcement, making a department web page, and making a poster or brochure.

For information about getting a UMD item in UM Brief, email External Affairs, or contact Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann at 726-7111 or

Currents, the UMD newsletter, is published ten times throughout the year and features campus news and faculty/staff news and accomplishments. To submit campus news and/or faculty/staff news, send the info to

Be sure to use the UMD brand and the EEO statement in the proper manner.

Mailing to select audiences can target your message. UMD's guidelines for publication. Be sure to use the UMD brand and the EEO statement in the proper manner. Please note that major mailings/publications that go to off-campus audiences of 5000 or more need to be reviewed by the Office of the Chancellor and Cheryl Reitan. Contact Cheryl Reitan at 726-8996 or

The UMD STATESMAN, the student newspaper, does a great job with publicity. Contact:, 726-7112 or see

KUMD-FM 103.3, the UMD radio station, carries UMD news. Contact,, 726-7181, or see

TThe purpose of the UMD Homepage is to emphasize the positive features of UMD for prospective students, current students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, the community, and friends of UMD.
Appropriate homepage features include stories about academics within all of UMD’s colleges, teaching and outreach, research and technology, interesting programs, athletics, prominent campus events, and hidden gems. Profiles of outstanding students, faculty, staff, and alumni are also highlighted.

External Affairs welcomes ideas for feature items for the UMD home page. Typically stories are posted for 5-14 days. Before you ask to have your event featured on the UMD Homepage, post the event on the web Calendar of Events, and if possible, make a web page for the event. Suggestions about events need to be made three weeks or longer in advance of the date. Suggestions may be sent to External Affairs. See the policies for more information.

Homepage Links: The addition and placement of Homepage links is determined by the UMD Web Team.

If reporters contact you for information or comments based on a story idea you have "pitched" to them, use your best judgement when you speak to them. Make sure you let External Affairs know about the contact. When you deal with television reporters, have a few "sound bites" rehearsed before the interview. If a request for an interview is unsolicited, External Affairs may need to research the issue and determine whether and/or who could speak effectively about the issue.

In a crisis situation, or for personnel matters, police matters, and other sensitive topics, do not attempt to comment. Immediately contact relevant offices: the UMD Police, Vice Chancellors, the Chancellor's Office, the Human Resources Office, AND the External Affairs Office.

UMD has contract rates with the Duluth News Tribune and other venues. Make sure that you ask for the best UMD rate, and be sure to use the UMD brand and EEO statement in the proper manner.

As a public institution, UMD works to maintain a positive campus environment that promotes affirmative action, diversity, and equal access to all. Some printed materials must carry statements that reflect our commitment to this mission and our compliance with certain legal guidelines. See guidelines for using the EEO statement in the proper manner.

Good luck, and thank you for helping to make UMD a vibrant, entertaining, and informative university.

UMD External Affairs
To send campus news or faculty staff news to Currents and to submit a listing to the Experts List, use
To send major news stories for homepage news features, news releases and UM Twin Cities Brief, use

UMD External Affairs
To send information to Currents and to submit a listing to the Experts List use
To send major news stories for news articles, news releases and UM Twin Cities Brief use

Cheryl Reitan, Associate Director for External Affairs, 218-726-8996,
Betty Greene, Associate Administrator, 218-726-6140,
Brett Groehler, Director of Photographic Services, 218-726-7115,
Charlene Aaseng, Graphic/Multimedia Designer, 218-726-6858,
Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann, Communication Associate, 218-726-7111,
Lori Melton, Communication Associate, 218-726-8830,
Joel Youngblom, Web Development & Content Manager, 218-726-8798,

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