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LS-STEP Policy

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Tuition is due in full the first week of each semester. Please make tuition payments payable to:

UMD Fine Arts Academy
105A Chester Park
31 W College St
Duluth, MN 55812


Late Fees

A $50.00 late fee will be assessed for late payments .

LS-STEP families have the option of borrowing funds for tuition and/or instrument purchase. Loans are interest free and may include up to half of the tuition cost and half of an instrument purchase (up to $500 toward instrument purchase). Guidelines and application forms are available by contacting Dave Steininger, Parent Loan Fund Officer, at 724-4771. Loans should be requested no later than two weeks before tuition is due (week II of the semester).

NOTE-It is not possible for the program to offer credits, refunds, or prorated tuition for missed lessons, group classes, or special events. Please give two-week notice when terminating lessons. Tuition is not refundable once a semester begins. Please keep in mind that our faculty is committed to the LS-STEP program and the pedagogical philosophy of “Talent Education” set forth by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. A one-year grace period must be observed before a former LS-STEP student may study privately (outside of the program) with an LS-STEP faculty member. LS-STEP faculty will not accept private students who choose to leave the program until the grace period has been fulfilled. As such, instructors make the LS-STEP program a priority and do not guarantee openings for additional private students.

Attendance Policy

The LS-STEP program will implement a “no make-up” lesson policy. If a scheduling conflict arises, students are encouraged to exchange lesson times with another family. Each family will receive their instructor’s teaching schedule and will have the option of arranging a lesson exchange with another student during the same week. Once this exchange has been agreed upon, it is the responsibility of both participants to notify the instructor of the change.

Please note that lesson exchanges are up to the individuals involved. The Academy Office is not able to assist with scheduling conflicts.

Teachers may miss one lesson per student, each year, due to illness without obligation of making it up. In the case of inclement weather, cancellations will be broadcast on KDAL FM 96/AM 6120 no later than one hour before lessons. NOTE: When Duluth schools are closed due to bad weather, all LS-STEP individual & group lessons will also be cancelled. Instructors are not obligated to make up lessons lost due to bad weather.

Lesson Behavior

Students are expected to be respectful and attentive during all lessons. Disruptive students will be asked to sit with their parents until they are ready to rejoin group class. At an individual lesson, the student will be dismissed. Parents are expected to stay for class and take notes (please limit socializing). NO pop, candy, or gum during lessons.

Group Lessons, Recitals, and Concerts

Group lessons, scheduled recitals, and concert participation is mandatory. All students are expected to attend weekly group lessons. Students perform in two studio recitals as well as one solo recital along with various concerts throughout the year. Please dress appropriately, arrive on time, and stay for the duration of all concerts. Black skirts or slacks and white tops (or program t-shirts) are required for other public performances.

UMD Facilities

It is important to be respectful of UMD property. Please remember you are responsible for your children at all times. Be aware that excessive noise and running is quite disruptive to ongoing lessons and classes. Skateboarding is prohibited. After an initial warning, the item will be taken away by campus police.

Handling Concerns

Communication is one of the main ingredients for success. If you have any concerns, please speak directly with the teacher involved. If the issue needs further attention, please talk to Janell Lemire, program director.


Practice, listen, and review daily. Keep in mind what Dr. Suzuki says, “Please practice only on the days that you eat!”


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