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Construction & Remodeling


Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building

Currently budgeted at $43 million, the HCAMS building project is underway. The core group of UMD faculty and staff that contributed to the design phase include:

  • Elizabeth Austin-Minor, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, SCSE
  • Steve Berry, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, SCSE
  • Robert Carlson, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, SCSE
  • Josh Hamilton, Dean, Swenson College of Science and Engineering
  • Paul Kiprof, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Chemistry and Biochemistry, SCSE
  • John Rashid,  Director, Facilities Management
  • Bilin Tsai, Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry, SCSE
  • Neil Weberg, Sr. Lab Services Coordinator, SCSE

drawing of a new science building        drawing of a new chemistry building

HCAMS Building

HCAMS building as seen from parking lot