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About the Cultural Entrepreneurship Program (CUE) Curricular Design

Cultural Entrepreneurship is a relative new academic discipline and way of thinking that begins with the observation that there is value to culture. Our everyday activities, products and services that we consume such as food, beverages, our entertainment, be it fiction novels, film, poetry, art exhibits, theater performances, or sports events, are often deeply rooted in local traditions and cultural practices.

Culture gives meaning to our life, but also has an often underestimated economic and social benefit. Historically, many cultural activities were sponsored and subsidized by public financing – tax dollars, yet this contribution is shrinking in the United States and in developed countries across the globe. At same time, the impact of cultural activities on our economies keeps growing, as a variety of studies conducted by the United Nations have shown. Currently, governments are increasingly moving away from public financing of cultural activities, which is forcing organizations in this field of the economy to come up with creative ways to survive as non-profit, privately funded organizations. Many also choose to morph into for-profit enterprises, seeking to make money with culture.

As many writers such as Richard Florida, Charles Landry have shown, we are moving more and more into an era where our economy will the increasingly influenced by workers in the cultural sector, and we’ll see the growth of a knowledge economy that generates new ideas and concepts, new products, new entertainment, and new services. It will be influenced by those individuals that re-envision traditional processes and products, and create new ones.

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