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Credit Transfer Equivalency System for Study Abroad Credits

(as Pertaining to Hispanic Studies—Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures)

This page is to help students, faculty and staff determine if a proposed study abroad class might transfer as a Spanish language lower division course or Hispanic Studies upper division class in the Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Minnesota Duluth. If the proposed course does not fit within the parameters outlined below, it does not have an existing equivalency as Spanish language or Hispanic Studies.

  1. Topic
  2. Does the course relate to …
    1. The acquisition of the Spanish language? If so, is it…
      1. Beginning Spanish (i.e. first year)? Then, it should receive a Span 1101 designator (for first semester) or Span 1102 (for second semester).
      2. Intermediate Spanish (i.e. second year)? Then, it should receive a Span 1201 designator (for first semester) or Span 1202 (for second semester).
      3. Advanced Grammar? If the student has not completed Span 2301 (Advanced Spanish) at UMD, then, the Advanced Grammar class abroad would transfer as Span 2301. If the student has, in fact, completed Span 2301 at UMD, then, the class abroad would transfer as an upper division class, to wit, Span 3031-3032 Spanish Language Study Abroad I-II.
    2. Literature, history, film, art or other manifestations of the culture/s of the Spanish-speaking world? If so, is the class taught in and is all coursework carried out in Spanish? Then, the class would transfer as Spanish Culture and Civilization Abroad I-IV (Span 3045-3048).
  3. Credits
    1. How many hours a week does the course meet? _____
    2. For how many weeks does the course meet? _____
    3. Calculate: Multiply the number of weeks by the hours per week. Divide your product by 15. The result is the equivalent UMD semester credit hours. ([____ weeks x _____ hours]/15 = _____ credits).

Please note, declared Hispanic Studies majors may take one pre-approved class in English pertaining to the Spanish-speaking world. Yet, Hispanic Studies majors and minors abroad are strongly encouraged to register for classes carried out solely in the target language.


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