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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Keys

I don't have a pin number, how can I request a key?
  • Contact your department's secretary, each department has their own process for authorizing key issues.
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How long will it take to get my new key?
  • If you request a key through the Facilities Management - Key Shop web site you should receive a phone call with in 48 hours of your request letting you know your key is ready to pick up. If the key is requested using the old key cards it may take up to a week.
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Who do I contact if I only need temporary access to an area?
  • Call the Facilities Management front desk at 8262, they will either have someone open the door for you or provide a key for check out. You will need to provide picture ID to obtain the key.
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Can I transfer keys from one employee to another?
  • No, we will no longer be allowing internal transfers. All keys need to be turned in when an employee leaves either a specific department or the campus community. Using the Facilities Management - Key Shop web site should speed up the key request process so this is not a hardship for anyone.
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How should keys be returned?
  • Returned keys or proximity cards should be attached to the original card or envelope they were issued on, if that is not available please attach to a 3x5 card, listing the name of the person who held the key/card. All keys/cards should be returned to 241 Darland - Key Shop or Human Resources. Key /Proximity Card Instructions.
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Does the campus have a specific key policy?
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What do I do if I need keys immediately?
  • Fill out the Key Shop Form as you normally would and call the key shop directly to ensure that they can process the request immediately.
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What are the keyshop hours of operation?
  • Our hours are 6:30am - 3:30am Monday - Friday
How do we reach someone in the key shop if we have an emergency?
  • Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm call 218-726-8262
  • Monday - Friday 4:30 pm - Midnight call 218-726-8147
  • Monday - Friday Midnight - 7:30 am call 911
  • Weekends & Holidays Saturday & Sunday 12:00 am - Monday 7:30am - 726-7007
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Building Information

How do I schedule or reserve a room on campus?
  • Reserve a room to be opened by making a room reservation.
  • Find the room to schedule and email the scheduler link under the room name.
  • All rooms requested through this process are put on a Room Reservation Report and will be opened by the custodial staff working on that shift.
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How can I make sure a building or room will be open on the weekend?
  • Main building entrances are always open on weekends between 7:00AM and 10:00PM.
  • All rooms requested through this link below are put on a Room Reservation Report and will be opened by the custodial staff working on that shift.
  • Reserve a room to be opened by making a room reservation.
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What is a Building Interruption Notice?
  • Facilities Management notifies campus departments of Building Utility Interruptions via campus e-mail and also the University electronic calendar.
  • It is extremely important that departments pass on information contained in the Building Utility Interruption Notices to personnel in their area.
  • These notices provide information for personal and University safety.
Mailroom Questions Mailroom FAQ


What items cannot be recycled?

The following items can not be recycled because of their material, or the fact that they have come in contact with food. These materials should be placed into trash bins.*

  • Glass
  • As a department we have chosen not to purchase items in glass and so we do not recycle it.
    There may be other departments on campus who purchase in glass and may provide recycling.
  • Carbon paper and stencils
  • Gum and candy wrappers
  • Paper plates, cups, napkins, or tissue
  • Styrofoam plates or cups
  • Plastic wrap
  • Any form of food, or anything with food on it
  • Pizza boxes
  • Film and Photographs
  • Wax-coated paper
  • Styrofoam packaging
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Do we recycle ink cartridges?
  • Used ink cartridges can be dropped off at the mailroom. The mailroom is located in the basement of the Darland Administration Building, Room 44.
  • More Recycling Information
How do I get my recycling picked up?
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How do I Recycle or Dispose of campus equipment?
Storage space will not be provided for departmental equipment "no longer in use." Storage in public spaces, mechanical rooms, tunnels, etc., are code violations and are not options for storage. Items left in these area will be removed and become the property of Inventory Services.
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Other Options:
  • Require the trade-in or removal of old equipment by vendors as a condition of purchasing new equipment.
  • Reuse after having the hard drive wiped by ITSS you can send a business announce email to let others know what is ready for reuse. Contact Nancy Damberg in Inventory Services (6966) for procedures.
  • Donate the items to non-profit organizations or offer them for sale outside of the University to employees and/or the public. Contact Nancy Damberg in Inventory Services (6966) for transfer procedures.
  • Disposal should be the option of last resort. Contact Inventory Services(6966) Nancy Damberg to indicate you have equipment needing permanent disposal. Items containing hazardous materials will be collected, boxed, and shipped to a University approved reclamation site. A CUFS budget number will be required with each disposal request and may be used depending on the scope of work and disposal costs involved. Estimates may be requested.
Most electronic equipment contains circuit boards, mercury switches, relays, and tubes which are manufactured with materials considered to be hazardous, and cannot be disposed of in the general trash.
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