UMD Facilities Management Orientation Check Sheet Reviewed Date
Purpose of This Manual    
Receipt & Acknowledgment of Facilities Management Employee Manual    
Mission, Values and Vision Statement    
What You Can Expect From Facilities Management    
What Facilities Management Expects From You    
Campus Map    
Building Location Information    
Parking Map    
Accidents & On the Job Injuries    
Campus Security - Keys    
Key Return Policy    
Academic Calendar    
Bi-Weekly Pay Day Calendar    
Holiday Calendar    
UMD Employee Assistance Program (EAP)    
Absence for Religious Holidays UM/UMD    
Alcohol and Drug Policies    
Appropriate Use of Information Technology    
Campus Smoking Policy    
Cellular Phone Policy    
Nepotism and Personal Relationships Policy    
Emergency Closing Policies and Procedures    
Equal Opportunity Statement & ACT    
Sexual Harassment Policy & Information About...    
FMLA Policy (Family Medical Leave Act) UMD/UM    
Environmental Temperature Standard    
Regent´s Scholarship    
Violence in the Workplace    
Code of Conduct    
Securing Private Data-Computers & other Electronic Devices    
Downloading Copyrighted Materials    
Possession and Carrying of Weapons    
Employee U-Save Discounts    
Work Time Expectations    
Clothing Policy    
Dress Code/Personal Appearance    
Facilities Management Regent's Scholarship Policy & Application    
Facilities Management Snow Removal Goals    
Snow & Ice Removal Map    
Identification Badges    
Lost & Found Items Procedure    
Performance Reviews    
Personal Off Campus Use of Tools, etc.    
Portable Radio Use (designated workers)    
Safety Footwear Policy    
Safety Footwear Authorization Form    
Authorized Safety Footwear Vendors    
Snow Removal & Ice Control for Building Entrances    
Custodial Staff Development    
Custodial Emergency Call-Out Procedure    
Custodial Ice Makers/Sr. Building & Grounds Worker Policy    
Mechanical Call-Out Policy    
Safety Website Orientation    
Summit Web Training Instructions    
AED Info & Map    
Complete Safety Policies are available from each supervisor or in the FM Central Office    
Cell Phone Use while Operating Equipment or Vehicles    
Emergency Text Messaging System    
Appropriate Use of Tag Lines    
Civil Service Rules    
Department HR/Payroll Coordinators
Linda Eastman 726-7503 - Bryan French 726-6203
Department HR/Payroll Supervisor
Linda Olcott 726-8464
Employee Benefits 1-800-756-2363    
UMD Department of Human Resources 726-7161    
Trainer/Supervisor Signature ________________________________________________Date _______
Employee Signature _______________________________________________________Date _______
Trainer/Supervisor: Submit with signatures to Linda Olcott, 241 DAdB