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This page lists the materials that are recycled at UMD.

Below is information on how and where to put these materials. There are 7 basic bins around campus, and this will show you what exactly goes into each. Regardless of the material, paper clips, rubber bands, staples, tape, adhesive, plastic tabs and wire spirals do not have to be removed from paper before putting it in a recycling container. Talk to your department's recycling liaison regarding the removal of corrugated cardboard.
If you have further questions contact us at 726-8144.

Paper Only

The following materials are recyclable and can go in bins marked "paper".

  • White typing (bond) paper
  • White copy machine paper
  • White letterhead paper
  • White forms
  • White memos
  • White calendar pads
  • White paper with color printing
  • White tablet paper
  • White computer paper
  • Shredded white paper - talk to your department if you need a shredder in your office - it is great for confidential materials
  • Colored office paper and card stock
  • Letterhead / bond paper
  • Envelopes - with or without windows
  • Interdepartmental envelopes
  • File folders and labels - a good example is manilla folders
  • Cardboard backing and binding - not thick corrugated cardboard
  • Wrappers from office reams
  • Textbooks - must remove cloth binding if hardcover, throw binding in trash
  • Shredded paper - talk to your department if you need a shredder in you office - it is great for confidential materials
  • Newspapers - don't be afraid to share or reuse newspapers
  • Most phone books
  • UMD registration guides
  • Greenbar - yellowish computer paper which is not used much anymore.
  • All paper material with a high gloss finish
  • Magazines
  • Trade publications
  • Brochures

Ink Cartridges

When you purchase ink cartridges the packaging includes return mailing boxes or bags. Use them to package your used ink cartridges and mail as instructed on the packaging.

Aluminum Cans

Place your pop cans in the containers that are located in public food areas and hallways throughout campus. New labeling should tell you that aluminum and plastic can be recycling in the same container! You do not have to rinse out the can or crush it. Please remember that there are separate bins for plastic pop containers.

Plastic Bottles

You can place your plastic containers in marked bins located throughout campus. New labeling should tell you that aluminum and plastic can be recycling in the same container! You do not have to rinse out the bottle, but don't have trash crammed inside it. If you feel your area needs a bin call us about getting one.

Unacceptable Items

The following items can not be recycled because of their material, or the fact that they have come in contact with food. These materials should be placed into trash bins:

  • Carbon paper and stencils
  • Gum and candy wrappers
  • Paper plates, cups, napkins, or tissue
  • Styrofoam plates or cups
  • Plastic wrap
  • Any form of food, or anything with food on it
  • Pizza boxes
  • Film and Photographs
  • Wax-coated paper
  • Styrofoam packaging

Messy Office?

For jobs that require a large amount of paper recycling you can call us to deliver a large bin. Bins are limited so we would like to pick them up the same day they are delivered. This is also handy if you have large amounts of confidential material that need to be shredded.
Also,to collect your office paper at your desk we can bring you a desktop recycling box. It is a small cardboard box that fits anywhere and makes organization easier. You then empty your box at your department's recycling location. Talk to your department recycling liaison for location information.
Another option is to use a second bin for recycling office mix paper. Call us for an extra one. Just call 726-8144 or use the request a bin online form for delivery or more information.

Hazardous Materials

Contact Environmental Health & Safety Office 726-6764

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