White Paper Separation Program

The market value for recycled paper has dropped over the past year. In an effort to continue our service, please separate your colored paper from your white paper. The value of white paper is much greater than colored paper. If you are aware of any locations where a white paper bin should be placed or you need a desktop white paper bin, please contact the recycling office.

Don't feed me colored paper!  White Paper Only.  U M D Recycling

Woodland Hills Aluminum Cans & Plastic Bottle Recycling

Woodland Hills is a nationally recognized program that offers outstanding prevention, intervention and rehabilitative services to youth in Duluth and across the upper Midwest.

One of their projects is to collect the plastic bottles and aluminum cans on campus.
Plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be put in the same recycle bins!
The money earned from recycling is used to help fund their programs.

Image of plastic bottles

Educating the Campus

Another area we have been working on, deals with educating people about recycling. Each spring on Earth Day we have "Campus Clean Sweep." This is a day where people can learn from speakers and help clean up the campus.
Recycling information is offered to new students and faculty during orientation to UMD.

Image of white board.

Hazardous Materials Disposal

Hazardous Waste Disposal & spills are handled by the Environmental Health & Safety Office.
Emergency Hazardous Material Spills call: 726-6764 or 343-9645

Image of white board.

Send your recycling ideas to us by filling out the form at addinguptozero.com.

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