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Geological Sciences Honors Program

Undergraduate Advisor
Christina Gallup
219 Heller Hall

The Honors Program in Geological Sciences was established to recognize the achievements of undergraduate students who pursue independent research in geological sciences.

To attain Departmental Honors, students must undertake an independent research project (typically two semesters) and must have and maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 3.0. The research can be part of a UROP, directed research, independent study or an internship with a faculty member. Students must make a brief oral presentation to the Department summarizing their results and produce a research paper (max. 10 pages).

Depending on overall GPA, geology GPA and the quality of the research, the Department will award Honors or High Honors. Departmental Honors appear on transcripts, are listed in graduation programs, and are recognized by certificates awarded to students by the Department. However, they do not appear on diplomas.

To apply for admission, please see your faculty advisor (see box above).