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Geological Maps


  • Hansen V.L. and Tharalson E.R., Geologic map of the Agnesi quadrangle (V-45), Venus, U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 31XX, 1:5,000,000 scale, pamphlet [map and text], in final USGS edit before going to press.




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  • Women in Planetary Science
  • NASA biographical profile
  • A paper published in Geology (Hansen, 2007, “Subduction origin on early Earth”) on a hypothesis for the origin of plate tectonics was picked up by the popular press and highlighted on the web by New Scientist (2007) and by Discover News Channel (2007). Discover News Channel also followed up with a second article (2007) highlighting three separate articles, including the above Geology paper, in a story about plate tectonics on terrestrial planets. Hansen (2007) was later featured as the cover story in Illustreret Videnskab (European version of Science Illustrated) in September 2009, and as the cover story in the January/February 2010 Science Illustrated.

Cracking the Crust: Did and Ancient Impact Set the Continents in Motion?
Cover Story Science Illustrated January/February 2010

Ny teori forklarar landmassornas rorelser: Meteorit skapade kontinenterna
Meteorit gav Plattektoniken en kickstart: JORDEN AR I EVIG RORELSE

Cover story Illstrerad Vetenskap September/October 2009




Teaching Resources & Multimedia



  • In two videos “Rock rheology and deformation” and “Is the rock natural or experimental”, Vicki explains how and why rocks deform in different ways; these quicktime movies were produced for, and are included in, exhibits in the Smithsonian Geology Hall.
Rock rheology and deformation’ is a sort of ‘foodie’ rheology lesson; it is included with some college-level Introductory Geology textbooks.
In ‘Is the rock natural or experimental’ Vicki is joined by Win Means as they compare ‘real rocks’ and experimental ‘rocks’.














  • Nicholas Lang (PhD) 2006 - Geological Processes in Venus' Lowlands





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