Math & Science Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education

Fellow: Amy Svobodny, M.S. Mathematics
Teacher: Deb Halver, Central High School, 9-12th grade Mathematics

My background with mathematics started in the family car on long road trips.  My dad used to give my four brothers and me math calculations to do to keep us occupied (and out of his hair, I’m sure).  Since then, I have obtained a degree in mathematics and in teaching secondary mathematics.  I spent three years as a high school math teacher in Wisconsin, and three more years as a professional tutor at Lake Superior College working with all levels of math at both of those places.  I am excited to be back in a Master’s program for mathematics and hope that this fellowship will allow me to better learn ways to apply my math knowledge.  I am a self-proclaimed “queen of computation” and am in search of other jobs where I can apply the knowledge I have.  My hope is that through that learning process, I can in turn, help students see how applicable math is.  Because this is my first semester of graduate school, I have many areas of math to explore and am not sure what I want to research.  Perhaps the students I work with can help me find a great topic!

Working with students at Central is exciting to me for many reasons.  First, I was a student there myself and was in Deb Halver’s Honors Geometry class in ninth grade.  Second, these students are going through an upheaval this year and are unsure of where they will be in attendance next year.  In this environment, it is especially important for me to help Deb by bringing interesting, relevant activities into class.  So far, I have helped with an activity using spaghetti to look at the congruence of triangles.  We are looking at ways that I can incorporate SmartBoard activities into the lessons as well as possible lessons for me to teach in the future.  What I bring to the classroom is another person who loves math and recognizes its importance.  I plan to be a “math backer” throughout the school year and hopefully students will end the year with a more positive opinion of math than when they started.

Teams in Action

1. Amy& Deb2. Amy & Students3.Coming soon!

1. Amy and Deb, no they are not sisters!

2. Amy doing spagetti math with students.

3. coming soon.