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GRAD 999 Graduate School Active Status


GRAD 999 is a zero-credit, zero-tuition registration option intended for graduate students who have completed all coursework and (if applicable) thesis credit requirements, and who must maintain registration to meet the registration requirement.

While students can register for GRAD 999 to maintain their active student status, they cannot use GRAD 999 to meet any other requirements of the University or external agencies. Students who must maintain full-time status to, e.g., hold an assistantship, defer loans, and/or receive financial aid cannot use GRAD 999 to meet registration requirements. For more information regarding international students’ registration for GRAD 999, see the section, “International Students enrolled in GRAD 999” below.

Eligibility requirements:
GRAD 999 is an option only for graduate students. Students must hold active student status in order to register.

While the Graduate School neither restricts the number of terms for which students may register for GRAD 999, nor imposes eligibility requirements other than those outlined above, individual graduate programs may establish their own restrictions. Graduate programs are strongly encouraged to monitor their students’ GRAD 999 registrations (see “Information for graduate program faculty/staff” below). Students are expected to consult their graduate program prior to enrollment to ensure they meet their program’s established criteria regarding GRAD 999 registrations.

International students enrolled in GRAD 999:
International students are strongly encouraged to confer with the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office if they are considering GRAD 999 registration.

Maintaining legal status: International students who enroll in GRAD 999 must file a Reduced Course Load form, available on the International Student Services web site, and submit the completed form to ISSS in 190 HHH Center.
Maintaining health benefits: International students who register for GRAD 999 are required to maintain their University-sponsored health benefit plan. Students will automatically be enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan or they request and receive a waiver. To receive a waiver, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • They must be covered by a United States-based, employer-sponsored insurance plan; or
  • They must have returned to their home country and be in residence there for the duration of the semester.

Students who meet either of the above criteria need to contact the Student Health Benefits office for a waiver request by calling 612-624-0627, or emailing All waiver requests must be received by the University’s established registration deadlines.

GRAD 999 and the Student Services Fee: Students who register for GRAD 999 are not required to pay the Student Services Fee; however, they may elect to do so if they wish to use or support the services covered by the fee. (Reminder: Students who pay the Student Services Fee must have their own health insurance to be covered for services provided by UMD Health Services. Payment of the Student Services Fee does not render students eligible to buy University-sponsored hospitalization insurance.)

How to register for GRAD 999: Graduate students can register online for GRAD 999 through One Stop. If students are advised during the online registration process that they have a registration hold, they must follow the instructions provided for removing the hold before proceeding with the registration process. If students receive the following message "Class NOT added. All requirements not met." their program office has restricted enrollment for this course and students should contact their program office to resolve the problem.

How GRAD 999 will appear on the transcript: GRAD 999 will appear on the transcript as “GRAD 999 Graduate School Active Status”. Neither credits nor grades are assigned to GRAD 999. The “NG” designator will appear on the transcript at the end of the term to indicate that no grade is assigned for the GRAD 999 registration option.




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