What happens if I do not maintain active status?

To maintain their active status, graduate students must register every fall and spring term. Those who do not register in the Graduate School every fall and spring are considered to have withdrawn and their Graduate School records are deactivated. Deactivated students may not register for courses, take examinations, submit degree program or Thesis Proposal Forms, file for graduation, or otherwise participate in the University community as Graduate School students. Those who wish to résumé graduate work must request readmission to the Graduate School and, if readmitted, must register in the Graduate School for the term of readmission to regain their active status.

Graduate students holding appointments as teaching assistants, research assistants, or administrative fellows must be registered for credit each term of their appointment; this applies to appointments of any percentage or any number of hours. See Graduate Assistantships under Assistantships and Fellowships for more information.

Students receiving other types of financial aid from the University or other agencies, international students with certain types of visas, and students who wish to use various University services and facilities may have specific registration requirements; these students are responsible for obtaining information about such requirements from the appropriate offices.

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