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Adviser FAQ

How do I get access to use Graduation Planner?

Log in to Graduation Planner from the same Web page that students use to log in. Once you log in, you should see your adviser home page, which includes a list of your advisees. If you are able to search for advisees in APAS, you should also be able to search for you in Graduation Planner.

What if the students I advise don't appear on my adviser home page?

If you are listed as a student's "adviser of record" in PeopleSoft, that student should be listed on your adviser home page in Graduation Planner. Check to see if you are listed as the student's adviser of record.

Can I add courses to my students' plans?

No. Graduation Planner is designed so that students have the responsibility to create and modify their plans; advisers can view and give feedback on those plans.

How can I see which requirements my advisee still needs to account for in his or her plan?

Use the Graduation Planner APAS report to see what requirements the student has accounted for in his or her plan, and which requirements still need to be planned for or completed.

When you generate an APAS report from within Graduation Planner, it will include the "planned-for" courses—these are the courses a student has added to his or her plan, but for which he or she hasn't actually registered. These courses are marked with a "PL" in the Graduation Planner APAS report.

I see incorrect information in Graduation Planner. Who do I contact?

Information in Graduation Planner is drawn from central systems, including the Academic Progress Audit System (APAS), the Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS), and PeopleSoft. If you see information that looks incorrect, you should get in touch with your department and/or collegiate contacts for those systems. When the information is corrected in the central systems, it should be correct in Graduation Planner the next day.

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