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Medications & Refills


UMD Health Services has a dispensary on-site. The dispensary differs from a pharmacy in that we only keep a limited number of commonly prescribed (general antibiotics and oral contraceptives) and over-the-counter medications on hand. Medication from our dispensary is paid for by the patient with cash, check or credit card; Insurance companies will not be billed for these medications.

Cost for the medication will be provided at the time of services, but note that most antibiotics are under $15. Oral contraceptives may be provided to students free of charge if they qualify for the 4me@UMD Program.

Students can call the dispensary line for birth control refill requests, 218-726-7865. You will be prompted to leave a message. During the summer, birth control refills will be available for refill and pick up on Mondays and Thursdays only, 9am-3pm.

When necessary, the medical provider will provide a student with a prescription to receive medications from a local pharmacy. We have a list of local pharmacies available on our website. Please note that although we are intentional about keeping this list updated, you may discover an outdated reference.

ADHD Stimulant Medication Protocol for UMD Health Services

UMD Health Services and its medical providers are available to write prescriptions for patients using stimulant medications (Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Vyvanse, Focalin, etc.) for the treatment of ADHD. 

However, the following conditions must be met before a prescription will be written:

  1. The student requesting stimulant medication must provide records of comprehensive psychological testing for ADHD within the last 5 years. Self report questionnaires or symptom rating tools will not be considered sufficient. If the student has not had psychological testing done or if it has been longer than 5 years since testing was performed, testing must be completed or updated and results sent to UMD Health Services. UMD Health Services will provide a list of clinics in the Duluth area which perform comprehensive psychological testing and we can assist in making appointments for such testing as well as  verifying insurance coverage. Comprehensive testing may also be arranged in the student’s home town or city.
  2. Once testing has been completed, results will need to be reviewed by the medical provider who will be seeing the patient at a scheduled appointment. If the testing strongly suggests or confirms the diagnosis of ADHD, discussion regarding starting or continuing a stimulant medication can be held with the patient including UMD Health Services use of controlled substance contracts for these medications.

Consideration of this protocol will help students avoid a lapse in their treatment if they are currently being treated by their local primary care provider.  If students have never been evaluated for ADHD but suspect they may have symptoms consistent with the condition, an appointment is encouraged with a UMD Health Services Mental Health Therapist to discuss symptoms, to create a diagnostic and assessment plan, and to refer for psychological testing if appropriate.

Proper Disposal of Medications

Please review the following links for how to properly dispose of medications, and for information about local medication disposal sites.

Western Lakes Sewer and Sanitation District, Duluth, MN

Local Police Stations, brochure

City of Superior, Wisconsin

Walgreens stores have medication disposal boxes