Housing facilities close at 8 PM on Friday December 19th, 2014 for Fall Semester. Housing facilities reopen at 9 AM on Sunday, January 18, 2015 for Spring Semester.

Contracts for newly admitted students for Fall 2015 will be available on February 1st, 2015.


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Purpose Statement

The Office of Residence Life believes that campus living is integral to a student's educational experience. The purpose of residence life is to promote community development and personal growth. In choosing to live on campus, a student-resident commits to participate as a positive citizen in an educational community; a community characterized by respect, responsibility and opportunity.

RESPECT for self, others and the University is the standard of conduct expected of each student-resident. A citizen exhibits consistent regard for all members of the residence community and respecting University staff, policies and facilities.

RESPONSIBILITY involves making well-considered decisions and practicing self-management. A citizen accepts both personal responsibility and responsibility for the positive development of their living community.

OPPORTUNITY for social interaction which promotes learning interpersonal communication skills is an outgrowth of respect and responsibility. Campus living offers opportunities for learning to relate effectively with others and to live and work cooperatively, as well as independently.

A community built upon mutual respect and self-responsibility enables its citizens to become more fully aware of their potential, thereby enhancing their educational experience. Student-residents learn from these opportunities; responding more effectively to a multitude of circumstances. The Residence Life staff will work in partnership with student-residents to develop a successful community for all its members.

The Office of Residence Life respects the developing abilities of its student-residents. The Residence Life staff stands ready to offer advice, facilitation and direction.We will work with student-residents so they may develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities, rather than do for them.

Our goal in residence life is to work cooperatively with students who are interested in the educational opportunities afforded by campus living and are willing to be respectful and responsible. The standards and opportunities described comprise the purpose of residence life. Not all students are willing to live by these expectations. We encourage each student to make a conscious decision regarding entering into the residence community before signing the Application-Contract.


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